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How to Complete the Stumble Upon Quest in Bear and Breakfast

This quest's rewards are vital to your success in Bear and Breakfast!
Ipswitch Stumble Upon Quest in Bear and Breakfast
Screenshot via Armor Game Studios/Gummy Cat

Bear and Breakfast is full of unexpectedly adventurous quests! Whether it’s discovering new flora in the depths of Darkgrove, or simply collecting potion ingredients for a half-tailed alligator, Bear and Breakfast definitely has a knack for keeping players on their toes with quests.

The best part about the quests in this game is that they’re all reasonably simple to complete, and you’re never pressured into completing them before you’re ready. One easy quest with amazing rewards is the Stumble Upon quest in Bear and Breakfast. This quest takes no time at all to complete and yields phenomenal rewards! Keep reading if you’d like to know how to complete this awesome quest!

How to Complete the Stumble Upon Quest in Bear and Breakfast

The Stumble Upon quest in Bear and Breakfast is essential to the success of your playthrough! The rewards this quest gives can cause your productivity and efficiency to skyrocket; this quest is more than worth the effort it takes. The Stumble Upon quest doesn’t reward you with material items or gold once completed, it rewards you with a brand new shop!

Once you complete the Bodega quest for Ipswitch, it will start the Stumble Upon quest. The Bodega quest in very simple to complete, and completing it will set you on the path to a beautiful new shop! Once you have access to a new, convenient shop in Pinefall, you’ll no longer have to travel all the way out to the middle of the A24 just to buy a few items from Ipswitch! This can save you incredible amounts of time and effort, especially if you find yourself running low on fuel and ingredients often (everybody does at some point). This new shop location cannot be gained by any other means, so if you want to tackle this awesome quest head-on, follow these steps:

  • Open Bear and Breakfast on your PC or Nintendo Switch.
  • Travel to the A24 on foot or via Fast Travel and talk to Ipswitch.
    • Make sure you’ve unlocked Pinefall on your map first so you’re able to accept more quests from him!
  • Ipswitch will tell you he’s craving stromboli and will ask you if you would make him one (this will start the Bodega quest). Travel to a resort that allows cooking, make Ipswitch a spinach stromboli, and bring it back to him.
    • Numerous recipes like this can be unlocked and bought from Julia’s recipe cart in Highlake.
    • A spinach stromboli requires 2 spinach, 1 cheese, 1 flour, and 4 fuel to make.
  • Once Ipswitch has been given the stromboli, he will ask you to meet him in Pinefall. Once Ipswitch leaves, travel to Pinefall, where Ipswitch will be waiting.
  • Ipswitch will be located in the bottom left of the map in Pinefall, near the river. Go to Ipswitch and speak to him.
    • He should have a big, yellow exclamation point above his head, so he’ll be easy to spot amongst the trees and foliage.
  • Ipswitch will tell you he wants to thank you for your generosity by providing you with more convenient ways to give him money! He will set up a vendor cart in that spot, and will then allow you to buy from his shop in the Pinefall location.
  • Congratulations! You’ve completed the Stumble Upon quest in Bear and Breakfast and have been rewarded with a new shop location!

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Everyone needs to buy more resources at some point in Bear and Breakfast, it’s just inevitable. An extra shop location can save you a lot of time and effort in your game! If you love completing story quests like these in Bear and Breakfast, be sure to check out Gamer Journalist’s many other guides for this game!

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