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How to complete the Spooktober Challenge in BitLife

How to complete the Spooktober Challenge in BitLife

The Halloween season is upon us, and this week’s BitLife challenge is right on cue. This week’s challenge is a spooky one, and requires Bitizens to encounter a ghost, carve a Jack-o-Lantern, give candy to a child, go out in costume, and do one final mystery requirement. Here’s how to complete the Spooktober Challenge in BitLife.

How to complete the Spooktober Challenge in BitLife

Here’s are the Spooktober Challenge requirements:

  • Encounter a Ghost
  • Carve a scary Jack-o-Lantern
  • Give candy to a child
  • Go out in a costume
  • Mourn the death of someone

There are no specific requirements here that you need to pay attention to at the beginning of your life. Don’t worry about a particular birthplace or having perfect stats. We recommend focusing on doing well in school to get a decent career later, save up some money, and buy a haunted house. 

Encounter a Ghost

After you graduate from high school, get a job, and accumulate some money in the bank, you can start looking for properties. Head into the Assets tab and search for Haunted Houses under Real Estate. Make sure you get a haunted house, because one of the challenges is to encounter a ghost.

After purchasing your house, look under the Spirits Tab, and you should see Ghost(s) listed here. You can do your best to summon the spirit to encounter it and get credit for the challenge. If you’re having trouble, you can restart or age up and retry.

Carve a scary Jack-o-Lantern

The Jack-o-Lantern carving event is random, so you’ll need some luck on your site to encounter it. It’s seasonal and has a chance to happen throughout the year. You should eventually get it to show up with no problem. Once you do, select to carve a scary pumpkin.

Give candy to a child

Halloween is all about trick-or-treating, and you’ll need to show your holiday spirit by giving some candy to a child. You can complete this at any point, and an easy way to do it is if you have some siblings or relatives under 18 that you can give some candy. Otherwise, head to the relationships tab and look for someone under 18. 

Wear a costume

An easy way to complete this requirement is by robbing a bank. You’ll need a costume to do so, and you can always restart your app if you manage to fail the robbery. Keep doing it until you’re successful. Otherwise, you’ll end up behind bars.

Mourn a dead relative

The final requirement shows up as a bunch of question marks in BitLife. However, the challenge is to mourn a dead relative. After one of your relatives pass away, go to Relationships, and check under Late Relationships. Select the person, and you should see an option to mourn them. Completing this task is likely the final requirement you need to complete the Spooktober Challenge in BitLife.

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