How to complete the Shawshank Challenge in BitLife

How to complete the Shawshank Challenge in BitLife

A new weekend means a new challenge in BitLife. This time you’ll be reliving the Shawshank redemption. According to the description, “you’ll be sipping cold beers on the warm beaches of Zihuatenejo, Mexico, after surviving this correctional challenge!” Here’s how to complete the Shawshank Challenge in BitLife.

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How to complete the Shawshank Challenge in BitLife

The requirements for the Shawshank Challenge are:

  • Get convicted of murder anywhere in the USA
  • Spend thirty years in prison
  • Get beat up five times by prison gangs
  • Escape after thirty years
  • Move to Mexico

Your character’s stats aren’t all that important for the Shawshank Challenge. The only requirement is that you’re born inside the United States. When you reach 18 years old, it’s time to murder someone and get convicted. Open up the Activity Menu and look for the Crime option. Make sure you get caught and pick a public defender as your defense lawyer.

Next, you’ll need to get beaten by prison gangs. There are a few ways you can accomplish this. You can mess with people in a prison gang, and they will almost always beat you up afterward. You can also continuously join different gangs, which will have the same outcome. Make sure not to get killed to avoid restarting.

Now, you need to escape from prison after thirty years. To escape, you need to solve an in-game puzzle. There are various puzzles to solve, and you can refer to the following video to figure out how to escape.

When you make your great escape from prison, you will need to move to Mexico. Choose the emigrate option and select Mexico from the list. The locations are random, so you can either age or restart your app until Mexico shows up. As always, make sure to restart the app as soon as you fail any part of the challenge so you can go back and try again.