How to complete the Karen Challenge in BitLife

How to complete the Karen Challenge in BitLife

Now that Halloween and the Spooktober challenge is over, it’s time for another BitLife challenge weekend. It’s time to channel your inner Karen and see if you can become one in the game of BitLife. Let’s see if you can act the part and become the ultimate Karen this weekend. Here’s how to complete the Karen Challenge in BitLife. You can view a list of the full requirements and some tips and tricks on achieving them below.

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How to complete the Karen Challenge in BitLife

Here are the requirements for the Karen Challenge in BitLife:

  • Be born a female named Karen
  • Own a minivan
  • Make 10+ reports to HR
  • File 5+ lawsuits
  • Start rumors about 10+ enemies

First off, make sure to pick the name Karen and be born a female. The other stats don’t matter as much unless you want to become a Lawyer to sue people easier. If you want to take the lawyer route, start with high smarts. It doesn’t matter which country you are born in or which area of the world. 

Make your way through high school and focus on getting good grades so you can get into college. Make sure to study all the time and hit the library whenever possible. After high school, you can get your license and a part-time job to save some money for a minivan. Go to the Shopping section, visit any dealership, and look for the minivan option. If you don’t see a minivan, visit another dealership.

At your new job, you can begin to form some relationships with your co-workers. Your goal is to get them to dislike your character somehow, so you have a reason to report them to Human Resources. A good reason could be if a co-worker begins bullying you or asking you to hookup. You can also do your best to try and get fired from your job. 

Go to the Activities tab and look under Lawsuit. You can file a lawsuit against your former employer for firing you and do this step repeatedly at new jobs to complete the requirement. Other reasons to file a lawsuit could be someone stealing from you or assaulting you. You can choose a few options from here, and it depends on what happens to your character.

Finally, you’ll need to have ten enemies so you can start rumors about them. To do this, head into the relationships tab and select the person. You will see an option under there to start a rumor about them. You will likely have many enemies at this point, from your work antics of reporting people to HR and filing lawsuits against the companies.

That’s all there is to it! Now you know how to complete the Karen Challenge in BitLife.