How to complete the Influencer Challenge on BitLife
How to complete the Influencer Challenge on BitLife

How to complete the Influencer Challenge on BitLife

The Influencer Challenge is active in BitLife on July 18, 2020. In this challenge, players must show off their social media skills and take it to a new level. Post to your social accounts often and try and make some posts go viral. You will need to rack up a lot of followers for this one. Here’s how to complete the Influencer Challenge in Bitlife.

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How to complete the Influencer Challenge on BitLife

There are three requirements for the Influencer Challenge:

  • Sign up for every social media platform
  • Get verified on each account
  • Get 2,000,000 followers on each account

The requirements are all straightforward, but we’re going to show you some steps for quickly completing this one. First, starting with good looks will help you out on this one. Being good looking is the easiest way to get famous. After getting the best attractiveness you can, it’s time to start your life.

Start by signing up for Social Media when you’re a teenager. Check under Assets, and sign up for all the platforms and begin posting as soon as you can. Try to avoid political messages on social media and go with entertainment or challenge videos. Try and post five times per year, and you will begin noticing you stop getting followers.

You can get lucky and go viral, but there doesn’t seem to be any concrete way to make it happen. When you stop getting a ton of followers, continue your life, and keep your smarts up by studying. Try and get a scholarship to a proper school and pick a focus that has a high chance of getting you famous. Some good options are Dance and Arts.

A quick way to boost your followers is by buying them. There is a risk of getting your account banned that comes with doing it. However, it seems to be worth it. You can fund this strategy with a part-time job on the side. After you accumulate a decent amount of followers, you don’t need to buy any more. 

Ignore all trolls and negative comments on social media, because interacting with them can get you banned. If you end up getting kicked off the social media platform, submit appeals whenever possible. You will become unbanned at some point. A high amount of trolls will take its toll on your happiness, so be sure to counteract that with vacations or spending time with friends and family. 

You can get verified on each account when you reach about 100,000 followers. After that, you need to get 2,000,000 on each account to complete the Influencer Challenge in BitLife. Twitter is challenging for getting followers, so you may want to pay attention to that.