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How to complete the Gambler Challenge in BitLife

How to complete the Gambler Challenge in BitLife

Have you always been lucky at the casinos? This week’s BitLife challenge has players living the life of a professional gambler. You’ll have to stack up over ten million dollars in winnings, win some bets on horse races, overcome your addiction, and ultimately leave Las Vegas. Here’s how to complete the Gambler Challenge in BitLife.

How to complete the Gambler Challenge in BitLife

The requirements for the Gambler Challenge are:

  • Acquire $10M+ in casino earnings throughout your life
  • Win bets on ten or more horses
  • Use “Surprise Me” 15 or more times
  • Overcome a gambling addiction
  • Leave Las Vegas

At the start of the game, make sure your character is born in Las Vegas, United States. Look for the Las Vegas option, and start aging up your life. You want to get through high school and start thinking about a career. Something high paying will be useful to get some gambling funds saved up. One of the requirements for this challenge is to use “Surprise Me,” and doing this early on in your life may be best. 

When you get a job and start saving up enough money, begin hitting the casinos. Do not go all-in with your money as soon as possible. One of the requirements is to earn over $10,000,000 in gambling throughout your life. The total number is net, so do your best not to go on a bad luck streak and lose it all. Try out some horse race betting, because you’ll need to win at least ten races for the challenge. It’s somewhat random, so cross your fingers and hope you pick a winner.

The table game where you can most easily get a gambling addiction is probably blackjack. An easy way to do this is by betting the minimum and playing in a lot of hands. Eventually, you should get a gambling addiction. You can cure it by heading to a somewhat expensive rehab facility using some of your winnings.

After you’ve accumulated over $10,000,000, got and cured a gambling addiction, and won ten bets on horse races, it’s time to leave Las Vegas. You can move to another country by selecting the emigrate option. After that, you should have your challenge fully complete. That’s how to complete the Gambler Challenge in BitLife.

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