How to Complete the Dr. Dolittle Challenge in BitLife

How to Complete the Dr. Dolittle Challenge in BitLife

It’s a new Saturday, which means time for another BitLife challenge to test your skills. This week, you’ll be living the life of Dr. John Dolittle, a veterinarian who can communicate with animals. Dolittle is a reboot of the original 1967 film Doctor Dolittle and the 1998 reboot with Eddie Murphy, Dr. Dolittle. Here’s how to complete the Dr. Dolittle Challenge in BitLife.

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How to Complete the Dr. Dolittle Challenge in BitLife

Here are the requirements to complete the Dr. Dolittle Challenge in BitLife:

  • Become a vet
  • Live on a farm, ranch, or acreage
  • Have 10+ pets
  • Have a perfect relationship with each of your pets
  • Have no sick pets

First, you’ll need to become a veterinarian in BitLife, which requires a bit of education. Make sure you have high smarts on your character to get into University with no issues. You’ll need to make sure you major in Biology to become a veterinarian after graduation. Next, after you graduate from University, you can open the education tab and apply to Veterinary School. You can ask your parents to pay since tuition is a bit expensive and you probably won’t have any money. If that doesn’t work, apply for a student loan.

Make sure to study every year so you can graduate from Veterinary School without any problem. After you graduate, head into the jobs section and select any of the jobs at a Veterinary Clinic, such as Veterinarian or Jr. Veterinarian. If you don’t see the option, you can restart your game and keep applying to different positions until you get a job. You’ll make some good money as a Veterinarian, so save it up so you can purchase a farm or ranch, which is another requirement for this challenge.

Next, open up the activities section and select the pets option. You can either rescue animals, buy a pet from a breeder, or visit the pet store. Repeat this process until you own at least ten pets to get credit and check the requirement off the list. You can repeat this process a few times every year.

Ensure you maintain a perfect relationship with all your pets by opening up the relationships tab. Under pets, you’ll see a list of all your animals and a relationship status bar for each of them. Make sure to take them all on walks, give them treats, and spend time with them to keep your relationship high. You can’t have any sick pets, so make sure you take them to the vet often.