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How to Complete the Blue Gem Riddle in World of Horror

Solve the riddle of the Blue Gem to unlock a follower and an achievement!
World of Horror Hallway
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World of Horror is overflowing with horror and mystery, and though it can appear confusing at first glance, a helping hand can shed some light on everything. Here is how to complete the Blue Gem Riddle in World of Horror!

How to Solve the Blue Gem Riddle in World of Horror

To solve the Blue Gem Riddle in World of Horror, follow these steps:

  1. Start this mysterious journey by visiting the Dog Shop in Downtown to buy the ‘Discount Item.’
  2. Once you have the Blue Gem, head to the Seaside and continue investigating until the Lighthouse Rumor event pops up.
  3. Head to the School and investigate until the Empty Corridor event appears.
  4. Finally, visit the Forest until Strange Lights appear.

Once the Strange Lights appear, the Blue Gem begins vibrating with an unknown power. You should continue exploring until the hidden ending appears, after which you unlock an achievement and the dog follower.

Overall, it’s pretty simple to solve the riddle once you realize where you’re supposed to go. It’s just the part of finding each destination and waiting for the right events to appear that troubles so many!

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Where to Get the Blue Gem in World of Horror

To successfully solve the blue gem riddle in World of Horror, you need to acquire the mysterious gem in the first place. It’s hidden away in the Dog Shop in Downtown, under the inconspicuous name of ‘Discount Item.’ Once you pick up this item, it reveals itself as the Blue Gem, and you cannot sell or discard it once the item is in your inventory.

You can, thankfully, place it in storage for later use, though.

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