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List of All Achievements in World of Horror

A world of horror filled with achievements!
World of Horror Achievements
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World of Horror, the latest roguelite to impress the indie scene, features a unique art style and gameplay mechanics that rely on choice and consequences. But one option you have here and now is to discover all the achievements in World of Horror!

All Achievements in World of Horror

In total, there are an astounding 96 achievements in World of Horror. Most of these achievements revolve around completing the game in various ways, such as winning or losing a playthrough, finishing as certain characters, or using specific backgrounds. Some, however, focus on completing in-game challenges, which may prove difficult to acquire in a single playthrough—you might need many.

World of Horror Intro Quest
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Achievement Description
Chain Smoker Carry 30 cigarettes in your inventory.
Junior Priest Purify two cursed places in one playthrough.
Paranoia Agent Defeat any enemy with a Baseball Bat.
Peeping Tom Discover the hole in the painting.
Perfect Disguise Enter the overgrown factory wearing the Ritual Robe and Karukosa Mask.
Frequent Buyer Shop for items ten times in one playthrough.
Lightburn Equip two sources of light at once.
Otherworldly Thirst Drink the blood of a forgotten beast.
Junior Scout Investigate 20 locations with the Compass.
House of Paper Playing as Miku, take a hostage while wearing the Tokyo outfit.
This Is For My Friends Playing as Aiko, defeat the Mad Janitor.
Wait For It In combat, prep a strike, but don’t attack in the same turn.
Team Kill Backstab your follower.
Say Hello Meet the _other_ neighbor.
Junior Librarian Discard three books in one playthrough.
We Don’t Need Eyes Destroy your eye and open a third one.
True Idol At any point in a playthrough, have four followers.
Classy Ritual Sacrifice an ally with the Ritual Dagger.
Peeking Tom Meet the school wraith haunting the corridors.
Awoo Call Junko while at Home.
Paid in Blood Have an ally die in a combat encounter.
Exorcism Exorcise a ghost.
Never-Ending Summer Change the date and stop the curse.
Restless Complete a full playthrough without resting.
Scholar Research five spells in one playthrough.
Transfer Girl Complete the game with the first character.
Fit Girl Complete the game with the second character.
Thug Survivor Complete the game with the third character.
Idol Survivor Complete the game with the fourth character.
Reporter Survivor Complete the game with the fifth character.
Lungful of Air Complete the Cold Turkey Challenge.
Grounded Forever Complete But Dad!! Challenge
Student Survivor Complete the game with the sixth character.
Chaos Survivor Complete the game with the seventh character.
Bad Luck Roll a one during any stat check.
From the Brink Defeat an Old God with 90% or more Doom.
Need No Education Burn down the school.
Boop Surprise the dog.
My Dear Ghost Complete the Ghastly Presence Challenge
Most Popular Idol Complete the Ghost Town Challenge
World Saved I Win the first playthrough.
World Saved II Win the second playthrough.
World Saved III Win the third playthrough.
World Saved IV Win the fourth playthrough.
World Doomed I Lose a playthrough due to Reason.
World Doomed II Lose a playthrough due to Stamina.
Painted Hospital Win the fifth playthrough.
Onyx Medallion Gather five curses.
World Doomed III Lose the playthrough due to Doom.
Eldritch Backstory I Win a playthrough using the World of Horror Backstory.
Eldritch Backstory II Win a playthrough using the Medical History Backstory.
Eldritch Backstory III Win a playthrough using the Hunted by the Cult Backstory.
Eldritch Backstory IV Win a playthrough using the Inheritance Backstory.
Eldritch Backstory V Win a playthrough using the Ill-Fated Backstory.
Eldritch Backstory VI Win a playthrough using the Knight Errant Backstory.
Club Member Join the club.
Soft Side Buy and return expensive drugs.
Blood Deal Feed the Outer Entity.
Shiokawa History I Unlock 15 achievements.
Shiokawa History II Unlock 20 achievements.
Shiokawa History III Unlock 25 achievements.
Shiokawa History IV Unlock 30 achievements.
Shiokawa History V Unlock 40 achievements.
Shiokawa History VI Unlock 50 achievements.
True Despair Win a playthrough on Hard Difficulty.
Final Stand I Reach turn 30 in Endless Mode.
Final Stand II Reach turn 40 in Endless Mode.
Final Stand III Reach turn 50 in Endless Mode.
Mira Solve the Blue Gem Riddle.
Something Evil Meet and beat Something Evil.
True Anarchy Complete the Parole Violation Challenge.
Hail to the King As Moriko defeat an enemy with the chainsaw.
Good Old Times Equip the Carpenter Hammer with Expel Evil and Regeneration.
Primum Non Nocere Defeat Dream Devourer without killing any patients.
Sweater Girl Find the missing girl.
Eldritch Backstory VII Win a playthrough using the Scars Backstory.
Eldritch Backstory VIII Win a playthrough using the Curious Birthmark Backstory.
Eldritch Backstory IX Win a playthrough using the Eldritch Parasite Birthmark.
Eldritch Backstory X Win a playthrough using the Exquisite Taste Backstory.
Eldritch Backstory XXX Win a playthrough using the Fatalist Backstory.
Real Nightmare Encounter three Dream enemies in a single playthrough.
Kick-Box Cutter Deal 10 damage with one kick attack.
Welcome to the Family Let the real Juri inside.
Steel Box Break the Blade.
Can You Trust Them? Hire two allies in a single playthrough and win the game.
(H) Experimental Therapy Complete Mimi’s Little Project Challenge.
Catch Me If You Can Handcuff the Ultimate Opportunist.
Rain of Spiders As Yashiro, complete the True Believer playthrough with Cthac-Atorasu as Old God.
Flooded Nails Win a sixth playthrough.
Unfortunate Accident Own both baseball bats.
Spore Infection Defeat Kinoko Gatherer without using a weapon.
Intrusive Thoughts Forget five spells in a single playthrough.
Insatiable Lust Defeat any human enemy in a single round.
do something Win the seventh playthrough.
Homerun Complete a playthrough as Yumiko.
Dude Complete all achievements.

As you can see, World of Horror has an absolute ton of achievements to unlock, and it will take you multiple playthroughs to 100% the game. We recommend starting slow, learning the game’s mechanics and combat style first, and only then diving headfirst into the horror experience.

Stay tuned here at Gamer Journalist for additional World of Horror guides as we explore this innovative and extraordinary indie horror title!

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