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All Playable Characters in World of Horror

Every character you can play as in World of Horror!
World of Horror Playthrough
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When it comes to indie horror titles, the ability to replay from a brand-new perspective keeps the genre fresh and welcoming. And things are no different in World of Horror.

Here is every playable character in World of Horror, along with how to unlock each additional character through specific achievements.

Every Playable Character in World of Horror

There are 14 playable characters in World of Horror, with a handful of characters being unlocked from the beginning and a few others being locked away behind achievements and challenges. They are:

Character How to Unlock
Kirie Minami Initial Character
Aiko Takahashi Initial Character
Haru Initial Character
Mizuki Hamasaki Initial Character
Kouji Tagawa Initial Character
Mimi Achievement: World Saved II
Miku Achievement: Soft Side
Moriko Ishii Achievement: Sweater Girl
Yashiro Kawaji Achievement: Otherworldly Thirst
Ayaka Kuroi Achievement: Onyx Medallion
Toshiaki Wakamatsu Achievement: Club Member
Juri Okusawa Achievement: Painted Hospital
Yumiko Ichimura Achievement: Unfortunate Accident
Kana Achievement: Dude

Kana proves the most challenging to unlock, among all the playable characters in the game. To play as Kana, you must complete all other achievements in the game, with over 90 of them ahead of you. It will take multiple playthroughs and many hours to finally play as Kana, so have patience!

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How to Unlock New Characters

There are several unique ways to unlock new characters in World of Horror, though most involve completing specific achievements or challenges in the game. The following World of Horror achievements unlock additional characters for future playthroughs:

  • World Saved II
    • Win your second playthrough.
  • Soft Side
    • Buy and return the expensive drugs.
  • Sweater Girl
    • Track down the missing girl.
  • Otherworldy Thirst
    • Consume the blood of a forgotten beast.
  • Onyx Medallion
    • Gather a total of five curses.
  • Club Member
    • Join the club.
  • Painted Hospital
    • Win your fifth playthrough.
  • Unfortunate Accident
    • Own both baseball bats in the game.
  • Dude
    • Unlock all other achievements in World of Horror.

For additional World of Horror guides, like how to defeat Something Truly Evil, trust in Gamer Journalist! We have you covered when it comes to tackling old-school horror the right way.

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