How to complete the BitLife Baby Mama Challenge
How to complete the BitLife Baby Mama Challenge

How to complete the BitLife Baby Mama Challenge

It’s time to put your babymaking skills to the test in BitLife. As part of the Baby Mama Challenge, you need to have twenty children and wives. While it all sounds easy enough, completing the challenge may be difficult for some players. Here’s everything you need to know about how to complete the BitLife Baby Mama Challenge. 

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How to complete the BitLife Baby Mama Challenge

Here are the requirements for the challenge:

  • Be a Male
  • Father 20 or more children
  • Have 20 or more wives
  • Each child born to a different wife

This challenge is not the first time the game tasked players with having dozens of babies. However, completing this one can be challenging. To start, you will have to choose to be a male, of course. Try and aim for a character with high stats in smarts and looks to find your mates later in life quickly. Make sure to study, graduate from high school, and go to a university on a scholarship. Picking a good career will help a lot here as well.

After you graduate from college and start your career, you can begin to date. A good rule of thumb is to look for the crazier women who are not too old, as they are more likely to get married quickly. You can purchase a ring if necessary. Get married or eloped and forego the honeymoon, as its the cheapest option, and you will need to do this many times.

After marriage, it’s time to have a kid. Your goal is to get her pregnant, so make sure she is not on birth control. After that, fast forward one year and divorce your wife. Rinse and repeat this process until you have twenty children with twenty different wives. 

Keep in mind the female and male both have separate stats for fertility. It may take a while to get pregnant, depending on the stats. Also, a job that pays well helps sustain doing this repeatedly. You can sometimes manage to find a wife, marry her, and have a kid within the same year, so that’s the ideal scenario. Now you know how to complete the BitLife Baby Mama Challenge. Good luck!