How to Complete the Belko Challenge in BitLife

How to Complete the Belko Challenge in BitLife

It’s that time again for another BitLife challenge. This week, Bitizens will need to reenact the 2016 American horror film The Belko Experiment. The film follows Mike Milch, an employee of a Colombian company called Belki Industries. It turns out this is no ordinary company, though. Here’s how to complete the Belko Challenge in BitLife.

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Yeah, if your supervisor could just go ahead and drop dead for us, that’d be great, Bitizen. Thanks.

How to Complete The Belko Challenge in BitLife

  • Be born in Colombia
  • Get a corporate job
  • Get promoted to an executive position
  • Kill a coworker
  • Kill your supervisor

The first requirement in the Belko Challenge is to be born in Colombia. Your gender doesn’t matter, so start up a new life and choose Colombia as the birthplace. Aim for above-average smarts for your Bitizen, so you can get through school, go to University, and secure a job without any issues. Make sure you study hard and go to the library often throughout your education.

When your old enough and graduate high school, go to school for a business-related subject like Finance. You should see this in the drop-down menu when you apply to University. If you don’t see it, restart the application and try again. 

After graduating from University, you can start looking for jobs. You’ll want to pick a corporate job, like an assistant vice president, business analyst, financial analyst, or something of that nature. As long as it says “corporate” next to the job, that’s all you need. Work hard every year, and be sure to complement your bosses and give them gifts whenever possible. Being a suck-up pays off in the corporate world. Befriend all your colleagues because being well-liked around the office will help you with those promotions. Keep on this track for a few years until you make it to an executive position. 

Next, it’s time to betray your coworkers, and the easiest way to do this is probably by hiring a hitman. Open up the activities tab and select the crime option. Select Hitman to arrange a contract killer, and choose any coworker from the drop-down menu. You can do the same for your supervisor or boss, as well. At this point, you should have all five requirements complete. That’s how to complete the Belko Challenge in BitLife.