How to Complete the Bad Santa Challenge in BitLife

The holiday season is here, and BitLife is celebrating this weekend with a Bad Santa Challenge. You won’t just need to be a bad Santa, but instead, the worst Santa ever. To live the life of a terrible Santa Claus, you’ll need to spoil Christmas for a child, become a burglar, and resort to stealing instead of giving presents. Here’s how to complete the Bad Santa Challenge in BitLife.

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It’s time to get naughty and not very nice. Being a Santa is this challenge’s vice.

How to Complete the Bad Santa Challenge in BitLife

Here are the requirements to complete the Bad Santa Challenge in BitLife:

  • Be a male
  • Become Santa
  • Be depressed
  • Burgle 10 homes
  • Shoplift 10 items
  • Tell a child that Santa isn’t real

The first step is simple and requires you to be born a male. Start a new life, and select the male option. There’s not much to explain there. The next step is to become Santa, which is actually a part-time gig you can choose through the occupations tab when you’re at least age 65. It’s part of the new Holiday Update. If you want to be Santa, you’ve got to have a white beard, so that’s the requirement.

A good Santa is cheery and joyful, but a bad Santa is the opposite of that. So, you’ll want to become depressed. All you need to do is make sure your happiness is low enough. Some things you can try or getting a girlfriend and breaking up with them. If one of your relatives dies, that’s another way your happiness level could decrease. 

To burgle ten homes, go into Activities and then Crime. Look for the Burglary option, and complete the mini-game. Don’t get caught, or else it won’t count. Rinse and repeat this process ten times. Similarly, head into the Crime section again to find the Shoplift option. Again, try not to get caught, and do it a total of ten times to get credit.

Finally, and worst of all, you need to spoil Christmas for a child. As you age up, some random events occur throughout your life. One of them is a situation in which you’re volunteering at an orphanage, and a young child asks you about Santa Claus. You can choose to say Santa isn’t real

That’s everything you need to know about how to complete the Bad Santa Challenge in BitLife. Good luck!