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Where to Find Grimoire Shard in Chained Echoes

For Max Levels and 100% completion
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In Chained Echoes, players will have the choice on which Skills to level up as they progress through the game. As seen in the majority of games with an RPG element. In this case, those playing through the Main Questline will receive a total number of 48 Grimoire Shards. These are used to level up your characters in the Clan. With every Shard you receive you designate it in a simple point system. Of either placing it on a Action or Passive Skill. Where you choose to play these Shards depends on how you wish to play out the turn-based combat in the game. However, should you find all 48 Shards through base-game completion, all characters in the Clan will reach their Max Level. This is our guide on where to find Grimoire Shards.

Where to Find Grimoire Shards in Chained Echoes

Grimoire Shards are obtained through defeating particular Unique Monster Bosses. There was previously a bug that has now been patched which allowed players to repeatedly fight and defeat Wiederganger. With its fix, players have no real means of farming Grimoire Shards. However, farming is not necessary as these Shards are obtained generally through completing Main and Side Quests, with defeating the corresponding Unique Monsters.

Alternatively, by completing objectives designated towards each game Region, you will also obtain Grimoire Shards. Therefore, do not slack off on the Rewards Board in Chained Echoes. These objectives can easily be fulfilled as you progress through the game so do pay attention to the objectives which the game asks for you to achieve. This is a faster way of levelling up before progressing too far into the game. As it allows you to collect Shards by completing Reward Board objectives. By focussing on completing the Reward Board, this will also provide you will a fuller experience as you thoroughly explore the Regions of Chained Echoes.

Unique Monster Locations

The Unique Monsters spawn in the same spot regardless of when you attempt to take the Boss on. Of course, once it is defeated, the Monster will despawn. Removing any attempt to farm the fight for Grimoire Shards. Not every Unique Monster drops Grimoire Shards, in fact the majority only offer SP. The ones we are specifically looking for a the Super Bosses. However, keep in mind due to its fan name that these are very difficult to beat. Therefore, when looking for Grimoire Shard, this will simply be found by playing Chained Echoes properly. However, for those looking to take on the hardest enemies to gain all Shards, these are the locations of the Unique Monsters that drop Grimoire Shards in Chained Echoes.

  • Boutrous – This Super Boss can be found in Narslene Tunnels. You must gain the Manor Key to find Charon’s Coins. These are then used on the Boat in east Ograne Grottos, taking you to the Tunnels.
  • Randomage – Found in the eastern side of Ograne Grottos, only accessible via the Boat using Charon’s Coins. Randomage is located in a portal found at the south-east side of Ograne Grottos.
  • Chel & Twi’Tone – Found in the north-east side of the Baalrut Tunnels in Ograne Grottos. You must obtain the Elevator Key for Raminas Tower and head down to enter this secret area. Go west and you will find the Tunnels. Inside head north and Chel & Twi-Tone will appear.
  • Krakun – Head to the raft in Valandis, located in the water with a small Island. The Super Boss is found here.
  • Assassin Girl – Obtain the Baibai Key in Side Quest ‘A Goblin’s Dilemma‘. Head to the north-east side of Perpetua for the vines blocking the path. Use the Key here. This Unique Boss will appear afterwards.
  • God King Gaemdriel – The final Super Boss of Chained Echoes. Only accessible by finding all 6 Elemental Tablets in the game.

By defeating these Super Bosses you are also obtaining the Elemental Tablets, needed to take on the God King Gaemdriel.

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Final Note

Upon collecting all Grimoire Shards (48 total), you will unlock the ‘Skill Share’ achievable after placing all Shards into the appropriate Clan Skills. Keep in mind that Shards will naturally be gained upon completing Main and Side Quests. This levelling-up process is a necessary part of the games progression and one you do as you play through the Chained Echoes Quests. Remember that you need to claim rewards from completing Reward Board objectives. These can be chained by completing objectives found next to each others. Fulfilling these will give you Grimoire Shards.

We hope this guide on where to find Grimoire Shards in Chained Echoes was useful. Remember that there is no fast-track way to grind these Shards. Rather you need to play this game through trying to 100% complete it on your first playthrough. This will give you the total number of Shards should you take on the Unique Super Bosses. If you are interested in reading more Chained Echoes articles, take a look at: Chained Echoes Baalrut Tunnel Map – How to Locate the Tunnels or Where to Find Charm of the Learner in Chained Echoes. You can follow us on Facebook for first glance at all our new guides.

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