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How to Complete Harmful Waves in Modern Warfare 2.0 DMZ

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DMZ brings back Spec Ops like Faction Missions that can be played in a squad or solo. These vary in difficulty, that also offer different rewards upon its completion. There are 3 Factions available with a total of 5 Tiers in each Faction. These are: Black Mous, White Lotus and Legion. As you progress through these Missions, its difficulty increases but so do the rewards, with increased XP and rare Weapons and sometimes special Keys. One of which is the ‘Harmful Waves’ Mission in Black Mous which rewards players with the Mawzeh Resort Main Building Key. This is our guide on how to complete the Tier 4 Black Mous Mission ‘Harmful Waves’ in Warzone 2.0 DMZ.

‘Harmful Waves’ Mission Summary

This is a Tier 4 Mission of the Black Mous Faction, therefore its difficulty is significantly harder than what you will have previously experienced. For ‘Harmful Waves’ there is only one objective. That is to get 35 Kills with a Suppressed Designated Marksman Rifle. You must get Kills with headshots and can only be obtained inside Zaya Observatory. The final point to be aware of is that you must kill inside a range of 3 meters. This sole objective to completing this Mission has layers to it which you must be fully aware of so that you can get kills added on the Counter. It is a very specific set of criterion you must hit in order to begin obtaining Kills inside the Observatory.

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We will get into our guide on how to complete this Black Mous Faction Mission below. By addressing what players need to do before they begin and how to obtain all 35 Kills.

How to Complete ‘Harmful Waves’

The Objective Requirements

First of all, as the objective outlines, players need to add a suppressor on their Marksman Rifle. This can be any Marksman Rifle so either use the gun you are best at or, use our recommendation of the SKS Rifle. Due to its fast fire rate, you should get the Kills very quickly as you approach the enemy. Next, we recommend using equipment such as Flash or Stun Grenades to temporarily halt the enemies movement and vision of you. This will give you an opening to get close to them so that you can easily get in the headshots required to add the kill to the Objective Counter.

The Unwritten Rule: Get Point Blank Kills

The kill you need to focus on getting is the Point Blank kill, which essentially is only obtained by being face to face with the enemy. This is why we recommend using Flashes and Stuns. The 3 meter distance is rather temperamental so instead go into this Mission as if you are getting the Kills within 1 meter instead. You should also only aim to get kills using hip fire only whilst aiming for a headshot, ADS does not count towards the Kill Counter.

Target Low-level NPCs

We recommend taking on enemies one-on-one rather than over-extending inside a building with multiple NPCs inside. In Zara Observatory you will see both enemies without armor and lower-valued enemies with helmets (armor). Both should be easy to take down so long as you do not fight multiple in a small/narrow space of a building. If this does happen however, use your Flashes and Stuns to daze them. You want to focus on enemies who are standing still trying to get angles on you from afar, these are different to the enemies that run around and follow your movement. Targeting enemies that stand still will give you more than enough time to get close and take them down without being hit.

Of course, use Self Revives if you are tackling this solo in case you go down as getting in close to a lot of enemies could lead you to getting downed. Due to its longer length of completion as you are required to get 35 Kills at Point Blank range, you can split this Mission into various deployments so that it passes quicker and you do not need to stress to get those kills in one go.

So that is our guide on how to complete the ‘Harmful Waves’ Black Mous Faction Mission in Warzone 2.0 DMZ. If you are looking for more Mission guides, please take a look at Where to Find Emergency Rations in Warzone 2.0 DMZ and How to Complete Massive Stock in Warzone 2.0 DMZ. You can also follow us at Facebook. So you can keep up to date on all the latest gaming content including Warzone 2.0 DMZ, Call of Duty Multiplayer and other FPS Video Games.

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