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How to Complete Hard-Won Happiness in New Pokemon Snap

One of the early LenTalk requests for the Florio Nature Park Night level is to snap a close-up picture of Pidgeot while it’s eating a fluffruit or two. It’s a fairly simple request, but there’s a perfect opportunity to snap a four-star picture in a particular spot on the level. Here’s how to complete Hard-Won Happiness in New Pokemon Snap.

The LenTalk Request reads, “Pidgeot’s cool, but it’s kind of distant. Think it’d warm up to you for a fluffruit or two?” The keywords here are “it’s kind of distant,” which implies you need a nice close-up shot. If you’re having trouble on this one, that could be where you’re going wrong.

How to Complete Hard-Won Happiness in New Pokemon Snap

To complete Hard-Won Happiness in New Pokemon Snap, you’ll need to load into the Florio Nature Park (Night) level. Proceed through the level as you normally would until you get to the final stretch with all the Combees flying around and sleeping Torterra. The goal is to snap a picture of a Pidgeot up close and personal.

You should see a Pidgeot flying in hot right toward your cart. Wait until it lands, and hit it with a fluffruit. It seems to like these fruits because it doesn’t fly off like it usually would. Keep snapping photos of it, and you should get a nice shot where it actually brings your cart to a stop, and walk right up to you, and poses for a picture. Right then and there is your perfect opportunity to get your four-star photo. 

Refer to the image above for the type of pose you should be looking for if you want to ace this one. Once you have a few photos, complete the level and choose the best one for Professor Mirror. You should get the LenTalk request checked off the list as long as you did it properly.

Follow along in the video above if you need some help!

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