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How to complete all Wonder Woman Quests in Roblox

The new Wonder Woman: The Themyscira Experience event is underway in Roblox. Explore the new DC Comics-inspired paradise island and unlock exclusive rewards for completing the quests. Here’s how to complete all Wonder Woman quests in Roblox, and what rewards you get for completing them all.

Wonder Woman: The Themyscira Experience event is live on June 25, 2020, and is on the official Roblox page.

How to complete all Wonder Woman Quests in Roblox

The Woman Woman: The Themyscira Experience event quests are as follows:

  • Discover The Main Temple
  • Amazon Warrior Camp
  • Discover The Armory
  • Get Sword
  • Open Portal Armory
  • Discover The Oracle’s Temple
  • Hidden Beach
  • Break This Wall
  • Go Camping
  • Play Amazon Beach Game
  • Corrupted Rats
  • Mountain Top
  • Sail The Seas
  • Top of The World
  • Waterfall Jump

Go to the Council Temple and speak with Princess Diana. She will welcome you to Themyscira island. There is a shop at the back of the temple where you can purchase all of the different prizes. You can buy five rewards with in-game coins that you can earn by completing quests. To get the other exclusives, you will need some Robux. Here is a list of all Wonder Woman’s items:

  • Amazon Shield (300 Robux)
  • Golden Axe (500 Gold Coins)
  • Wonder Woman Cloak (150 Gold Coins)
  • Silver Armor (2000 Gold Coins)
  • Lasso (1000 Gold Coins)
  • Wonder Woman Classic Armor (300 Robux)
  • Silver Tiara Hair (200 Robux)
  • Shortsand (50 Gold Coins)

Discover The Main Temple

  • Enter the Council Temple
  • Reward: 20 Gold Coins

The first quest on the list is simple. All you need to do is walk forward across the bridge into the island temple. Entering the temple completes the mission. Click the scroll to the bottom left of your screen to collect the reward.

Amazon Warrior Camp

  • Find The Amazon Warrior Camp
  • Reward: 20 Gold Coins

This quest, along with the Hidden Beach quest, can quickly be completed at the same time. Swim out to the camp area to check this one off your list and claim your rewards.

Discover The Armory

  • Walk to the Armory in the Forge of Hephaestus
  • Reward: 20 Gold Coins

The Armory is across from the Oracle’s Temple. Head up the stairs and into the building. Continue inside down the stairs to the hallway to get into The Armory. Another two quests will unlock in here from Artemis and Timandra.

Get Sword

From the previous location, this quest unlocks after talking to Artemis. Go down the path and look for a stream of liquid metal and a forge area. Look for Lo the Metal Master, who will have you find five ingots. Head across the bridges to the small pieces of land to find the ingots and return them to Lo. After returning the ingots, you will get a sword and need to speak with Artemis. 

Open Armory Portal

To open up the Portal Armory, talk to Timandra in the Armory. The portal comes in handy if you need to travel between here and the main temple.

Discover The Oracle’s Temple

  • Walk to the Oracle’s Tower
  • Reward: 20 Gold Coins

The Oracle’s Temple looks like it’s levitating. You should be able to spot this location easily. Once you do, walk inside to complete this quest and get the reward.

Hidden Beach

  • Find the Secret Beach
  • Reward: 20 Gold Coins

This quest, along with the Amazon Warrior Camp quest, can quickly be completed simultaneously. Swim out to the camp area to check this one off your list and claim your rewards.

Break This Wall

Talk to the Amazon Warrior at the camp to unlock this quest. There is a block on the ground next to her, which you need to throw at the wall. Repeat the step for the other wall in the cave and speak with Menalippe, who will give you the Lost Amulet quest. Head back outside the cave and talk with Euboea to get the Go Camping quest.

Go Camping

After completing Break This Wall, you unlock Go Camping from Euboea. Go inside one of the tens near a fire and light it up. Lay down on the ground and then proceed to the area with a glowing ball up the ramp by Euboea.

Play Amazon Beach Game

  • Reward: 20 Gold Coins

After completing Go Camping, speak with Epione to start this quest. Kick around the Golden Orb. After that, claim your ward and make your way to the middle area of the island. Look for Aella to start the next quest, Corrupted Rats.

Corrupted Rats

There’s a grassy area where rats spawn behind Aella. Interact with them to kill them. First, you need to kill five rats, followed by ten, and then twenty-five. You get gold for each set of rats you kill. After completing the quest three times, go back to Aella. There are some stairs to navigate, and you will eventually find a Lost Amulet on the ground.

Mountain Top

  • Climb Themyscira’s Highest peak
  • Reward: 20 Gold Coins

Head to the right side of the waterfall and climb the green vines to reach a higher level. 

Sail The Seas

  • Complete a boat ride
  • Reward: 20 Gold Coins

Towards the right side of the island, there is a dock with a boat. Talk to Faruka and take a boat ride to complete the quest.

Top of The World

  • Reach the highest point in Themyscira
  • Reward: 20 Gold Coins

From the mountain top, you can find a platform by the statue of Wonder Woman. Take it up to the top to complete the top of the World quest.

Waterfall Jump

  • Leap from the highest waterfall
  • Reward: 50 Gold Coins

Head towards the left side of the Wonder Woman statue and look for the waterfall. Jump off the very top, and you will complete this area. The landing area is by the Hidden Beach and Amazon Warrior Camp quests.

Once you figure out how to complete all Wonder Woman Quests in Roblox and claim your gold coins, you might realize you do not have enough to purchase all the items. Go back and keep completing the quest to kill rats to earn more coins.

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