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How to Complete All 7 Halls of Ascension in Warframe

Prove yourself a master ninja.
warframe stealth room
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I’ve never been a ninja, so I won’t pretend to know what qualities are required of one. If I had to make an educated guess, though, I’d say you need to be fast, strong, stealthy, and smart, among other things. If you think that describes you, then perhaps it’s time you put your money where your mouth is. Here’s how to complete all 7 Halls of Ascension in Warframe.

How to Complete All 7 Halls of Ascension in Warframe

The Halls of Ascension are a series of special trials located on the Orokin Moon in Warframe. These tricky challenges each block the way to a treasure room, within which are one of the most valuable items in the game: Drift Mods. This is the only spot in the entire game you can find Drift Mods, short of receiving them from another player in a trade.

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Of course, you won’t be getting such valuable loot so easily. Each of the seven Halls of Ascension contains a challenge or puzzle themed after a particular trait required to be an excellent Tenno. The themes of these Halls include:

  • The Agility Test
  • The Collaboration Test
  • The Cunning Test
  • The Endurance Test
  • The Power Test
  • The Speed Test
  • The Stealth Test

The Agility Test

warframe agility room
Image via Digital Extremes

A good Tenno should be light on their feet. In this test, you’ll need to shoot several buttons in a particular order without touching the floor of the chamber. To facilitate this, you can use Bullet Jump to leap the opened pipe organ caps, as well as the bellows and upper ledge. The buttons need to be shot in this order:

  • Above the archway
  • On the wall after launching from the left organ tube
  • On the wall after launching from the right organ tube
  • Two buttons on the back wall after launching from one of the three opened tubes
  • On the upper floor
  • In front of you after launching from the next tube

Once all the buttons have been hit, enter the green-rimed tube and double jump out to reach the exit.

The Collaboration Test

A good Tenno should be able to work with a team. You can technically do this one alone with the help of summoning skills like Decoy, but it’s much more manageable with a team of four. All that needs to happen is four players/objects need to be placed on the four pressure pads in the corners of the room. Standing on the pads will open the way out in the center of the room.

The Cunning Test

A good Tenno should have a strong sense of ingenuity. If you’ve completed The Second Dream, this will feel familiar to you; you just need to trick the Security Eye into destroying the pillars as it tries to gun you down. Watch out, though, because the Eye will launch an explosive attack at you whenever one of the pillars is destroyed.

The Endurance Test

A good Tenno should be able to take a lot of punishment. Again, this one can be done alone, but is easier with friends. One player will need to stand in the middle of the room and take constant hits from a variety of lasers, staying alive until the meter on the wall fills with water. In addition to your own survival skills, you can reduce the incoming damage by shooting the lasers and certain target points. Whether you leave your body behind with Operator and do it yourself or have teammates help you, someone will need to depower the lasers to ensure you last the whole time.

The Power Test

A good Tenno should have limitless stamina. To unlock the stairs in the middle of the room, you’ll need to track down four spheres along the room’s walls and feed each forty Energy by standing near them. You need to do this quickly; if a sphere is left sitting for too long, the Energy will dissipate, and you’ll need to refill it.

The Speed Test

A good Tenno is lightning-quick. For this test, you’ll need to activate a target at the end of the long hallway, then rush to reach it as quickly as possible while dodging various obstacles. Basically, just never stop sprinting and Bullet Jumping, no matter what. You need to keep moving to avoid the obstacles and pass through the gates before they shut. Be especially mindful of the Thumper Death Orbs, as their slams can throw you off balance unless you’re wearing specific shake-resistant Warframes.

The Stealth Test

A good Tenno is silent as a whisper. You’ll need to reach the far side of the room within a time limit without tripping any of the blue lasers. While stealth is the intent, you can actually cheese this one very easily with two methods:

  • If you’ve got at least one teammate with you, just have them stand on the other side of the room and hit the goal right after you start the test
  • Start at the other side of the room yourself, then use your Operator to start the test, returning to your Warframe after it falls through the exit portal

Remember that each of these tests rewards a Drift Mod individually. If there’s a particular mod you don’t really care about, you don’t have to clear its test to get the other ones.

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