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How to catch a Golden Stag in Animal Crossing New Horizons

How to catch a Golden Stag in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Looking to catch a Golden Stag in Animal Crossing New Horizons? July is here, and there are lots of new bugs and fish to find. The first wave of the summer update is also now available, and a brand new subset of critters is available in the sea. Check out our guide to catching deep-sea creatures if you haven’t had a chance to start on that yet.

In this guide, we are going to focus on one of the rarest bugs in the game. Here’s how to catch a Golden Stag in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

How to catch a Golden Stag in Animal Crossing New Horizons

First, let’s take a look at the Golden Stag’s seasonality, active hours, and location.

  • Bug: Golden Stag
  • Seasonality:
    • July – August (Northern Hemisphere)
    • January – February (Southern Hemisphere)
  • Active Hours: 5 pm – 8 am
  • Location: Coconut Trees
  • Price: 12,000 Bells

There are many stags and beetles available throughout the summer months of July and August. They mostly share the same active hours, which is part of what makes catching the Golden Stag so tricky. It has a much lower spawn rate than the more common beetles and stags.

When you’re hunting for a Golden Stag, make sure to check the coconut trees on your island and other Nook Miles islands. Golden Stags are only available in the evening, and nighttime, from 5 pm to 8 am. This bug’s seasonality is during July and August. To optimize your chances of finding one, check between 7 pm to 11 pm to limit the number of other bugs that could spawn.

Golden Stag | ACNH

Not only is the Golden Stag one of the rarest bugs to spawn in July, but it also scares very easily. There’s nothing worse than finally finding one of these and scaring it away! When it comes to catching one, hold the A button, and sneak up slowly, inch by inch. If you continuously approach it, it will fly away. Walking bit by bit is the only way to catch it. Let go of the A button and swing your net as soon as you are in range.

You will likely find dozens of Miyama Stags and Drone Bettles while searching for the elusive Golden Stag journey. If you manage to catch a Golden Stag quickly, consider yourself lucky. Follow our tips above, and most importantly, be patient. Now that you know how to catch a Golden Stag in Animal Crossing New Horizons, it’s time to get started!

Golden Stag FAQ

How much is a golden stag?

The Golden Stag is the most expensive insect in Animal Crossing New Horizons. It sells for 12,000 Bells, as does the Giraffe Stag and Horned Hercules.

What time do Golden Stags come out?

Golden stags are active between the hours of 5 pm and 8 am. Their seasonality is July through August in the Northern Hemisphere, and January through February in the Southern Hemisphere.

How do you catch a golden stag on new horizons?

To catch a Golden Stag, look for it on Palm Trees around the island during the right season and active hours. Approach it slowly, by taking a couple of steps at a time, and release your net when you are in range.

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