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How To Cast Far in Fishing Planet

Snipe those fish out of the water.
Image via Fishing Planet LLC

I’m not much of an angler, but I do know a thing or two about physics. As such, even I know that the secret to a proper fishing cast isn’t just having strong arms, but taking advantage of all of the relevant factors in and around your boat. Here’s how to cast far in Fishing Planet.

How To Cast Far in Fishing Planet

At the base level, you can boost the distance of your cast by holding down the F11 key on your keyboard. This only focuses on your raw casting strength, though, and while the strength of your casting arm will determine a portion of your flat casting distance, if you want to really launch that lure halfway across the pond, you’re going to need to set up an ideal casting situation.

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An ideal casting situation is made up of a handful of factors that you can either control directly or at least influence:

  • Your fishing rod
  • Your fishing line
  • Your bobber
  • The wind
  • The water current

Your Fishing Rod

The first and foremost thing to adjust is your fishing rod. For the purpose of distance-casting, you’re going to want a long, heavy rod. When you cast with a longer rod, you’ll get more momentum on the launch of the lure. The type of rod is also a factor to remember; match rods, for example, are better for distance than regular casting rods.

Your Fishing Line

Just like the rod, you want your line to be a little heavier so it can build up more momentum as you cast it. Additionally, you should consider using a larger reel that holds more fishing line, and preferably a spinning reel at that. You want that line to fly straight and true.

Your Bobber

Once again, weight is the name of the game. Using a larger, heavier bait in your bobber will give you an extra pinch of weight and momentum, as well as make your hook sink deeper. If your cast is strong enough, your hook may even pick up a little extra distance as it’s sinking.

Image via Fishing Planet LLC

The Wind

Obviously, you can’t control the wind, but you can use it to your advantage. If your HUD is indicating a stiff breeze in the air, cast your line in the direction that the breeze is going. The wind will carry your line a little bit further. You may need to experiment with your line’s weight a bit, as if it’s too heavy, the wind may not pick it up.

The Water Current

Even when your bobber hits the water, there’s still a chance to pick up some more distance. Before you cast, check the current of the water around you. Just like with the wind, if there’s a current flowing away from you, cast your line into it and let it carry it a little further.

Just like with real fishing, getting a good cast in Fishing Planet takes practice. Experiment with your rod loadout, and learn how to properly read the local conditions if you want to cast as far as possible.

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