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How to become President in BitLife

How to become President in BitLife

In the game of BitLife, you can become anything you want, including the President of the United States. It’s a serious title to hold, and getting there is no easy task. We breakdown the exact steps you can follow to become President, or Prime Minister, in BitLife. Keep in mind, some parts of the journey rely on luck. You may not always succeed when running for President or Prime Minister. Keep trying, and you will eventually succeed.

How to become President in BitLife

To become President in BitLife, you can follow these steps:

  1. Study Political Science in school
  2. Act as School Board Director for one term
  3. Become the Mayor for one term
  4. Run for Governor for two terms
  5. Be a Lawyer for ten years
  6. Run for President

You will need to have a lot of money, high smarts, and high looks. Studying Political Science while in school can increase your odds, but it’s not a requirement. We recommend going to law school, as well. Doing so allows you the opportunity to become a lawyer and make some good money. Accumulate around $10,000 to $20,000 and begin your career as a School Board Director. 

After the term is over, you can try to become the Mayor, but make sure to have somewhere around at least $200,000 before doing this. It’s important to continue generating as much money as possible because you will need it for your political campaign. There’s a reason you went to law school, and it’s because it’s an easy way to earn some good money.

After your term is over as Mayor, you can become the Governor. Before doing that, we would recommend somewhere around $500,000 for the campaign. When you get into the Governor position, your fame will begin increasing. Do not go into any photoshoots or do any commercials while you are Governor. You can do this for one or two terms, but we would recommend two at a minimum. 

When your terms as Governor are over, it’s time to make some serious cash. You can do some photoshoots and commercials to keep your fame up and earn money that way. Another option is to become a lawyer for about ten years. You will need all the money you can get to fund the most expensive part of this whole journey: the presidency.

Run for President and set your Campaign Budget somewhere between $800,000 to $1,000,000. Feel free to complete these steps in any country to become either President or Prime Minister. 

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