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How to become a psychiatrist in BitLife

BitLife is a life-simulation game where you can become almost anything. Weekly challenges often have random tasks that ask you to choose particular career paths. You’ll need to be well-rounded and versatile in your BitLife knowledge to complete them quickly. One of the many life paths you can choose is to become a psychiatrist. It’s a well-paying gig and not too difficult to achieve. In this guide, we’ll show you how to become a psychiatrist in BitLife

How to become a psychiatrist in BitLife

  • Have higher than average smarts.
  • Do well in secondary school and high school.
  • Apply to university and pick a medical or science major.
  • Graduate college with good grades and apply to medical school.
  • Look for a job as a Jr. Psychiatrist.
How to become a psychiatrist in BitLife

There are hundreds of different career paths in BitLife, but some of them require smarts. To become a Psychiatrist, or any well-paying job in the medical field, getting good grades should be a priority. Make sure to study hard in school, and graduate high school with good grades.

Apply to university, and pick any sciences or medical-related field to major in, such as Chemistry, Biology, or Nursing. Other options may work, as well. Make sure to study hard, and graduate with perfect grades. After graduation, choose to seek higher education. You’ll want to attend medical school and likely need to get a scholarship to pay for it. 

Again, make sure to do well in medical school and study hard every year. You will probably have high smarts at this point, which will help you secure a job. After finishing up at medical school, you can finally start your career as a psychiatrist. Pull up the job menu and apply to become a Jr. Psychiatrist. You should not have any problem passing the interview and getting the job. Congratulations, you’re now a psychiatrist in BitLife!

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