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How to become a Pro Basketball Player in BitLife

BitLife is a life simulation game where you can be anything you want to, including a professional athlete. If basketball is your sport of choice, you may be wondering how to achieve greatness and become the GOAT. Well, we’re going to show you exactly how to do that down below. Here is our guide on how to become a pro basketball player in BitLife.

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How to become a Pro Basketball Player in BitLife

Time needed: 15 minutes.

Becoming a professional basketball player in BitLife requires high athleticism, great health, a strict training regimen, and lots of practice. You will need to start practicing your basketball skills from an early age, and continue throughout high school, and straight into the professional league. Maintain your training and aim to be a part of the strongest team, and you will be racking up championships in no time.

  1. Join the Basketball Team Extracurricular Activity

    When you get into middle school at age 10 to 11, tap on the school tab and select your middle school. Go to activities, and join the basketball team. If you do not see the basketball team, you can close out your app and re-open it to try again. If your athleticism is not high enough, you may not be allowed to join. You can either re-open BitLife before doing anything or re-roll a new life and hope for higher athleticism. BitLife God Mode allows you to max out your athleticism at the start of a new life. Some things to improve your hidden athleticism stat include going on walks and going to the gym.

  2. Practice harder and train every year

    When you are on the basketball team, make sure to practice harder every year and do some training. These options are under the Professional Athlete tab. It would help if you also were doing things like going for walks and going to the gym when the option becomes available at age 12. Both of these things are under the Activities and Mind & Body tab. Age up to 14 years old, and get ready for high school.

  3. Join the Basketball Team in High School

    When you get to high school, you should get the option to see what extracurricular activities your school offers. Try out for the basketball team, and you should have no problem getting accepted with your previous reputation and stats. Make sure you practice harder every year to increase your performance stat. Continue going to the gym and going for walks regularly to keep your athleticism high. Study as well, since you will want to get a full-ride scholarship to university. Eventually, the coach should offer you the opportunity to become captain. Accept it, as this will help your career down the line.

  4. Get Drafted to a Professional Basketball Team

    When you graduate high school, you will have completed four seasons of playing basketball. Select the option that says, “I’m eligible for the draft.” Your prospect stat is likely fairly high, so your odds of getting drafted are good. If you get drafted in the first round, that’s perfect. But if you go undrafted, that’s also okay, and you will need to sign a contract with a team. In the latter scenario, you may need to apply to university, join the Basketball Team, and continue working on your skills as you did in this step. 

  5. Practice your Basketball Skills

    The most important thing once you’re on a professional basketball team in BitLife is to practice. You have various stats with different progress bars, so you’ll want to practice each skill until they are all at maximum. If you get injured, make sure to go to physical therapy to resolve the issues. Continue going to the gym, practicing, training, and going for walks regularly to keep up your fitness levels. Age up a year, and you will most likely get rookie of the year. Keep an eye on your team’s strength level. If you are on one of the worst teams in the league, it may take a while to get the recognition you deserve. You can negotiate a trade with a better team or wait until your contract with your current team expires.

  6. Become the greatest and get into the Hall of Fame

    Continue practicing your basketball skills every year, going to the gym, and maintaining your greatness level. As long as you do all of these things and are part of a strong team, you will likely eventually make it into the hall of fame and get some MVP awards. Awards can include the most improved player, best defensive player, or best offensive player. When your team is a contender for the top spot in the league, you can begin winning championships. Keep your greatness levels up, your training regimen strong, and you will rack up those champions with no problems.

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