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How to beat Odur the Ringmaster in Thymesia

This circus ringmaster is no joke!
Thymesia artwork
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With incredibly fast-paced combat and an intricate weapon system, it’s no secret that Thymesia presents one of the more challenging experiences within the ARPG realm. To make things even more difficult, there are a number of extremely powerful bosses players will encounter throughout the game. Not the least of which includes Odur the Ringmaster.

In this guide, we will break down everything you need to know about how to beat Odur the Ringmaster in Thymesia.

How to beat Odur the Ringmaster in Thymesia

Odur is a circus ringmaster in the Sea of Trees, and a world boss that must be defeated to advance in Thymesia. The issue is that he’s super fast and cunning with his tactics. Not only does he utilize various tricks and illusions to confuse you but he’s also got a cane-sword and firm kicks that can be used to overwhelm you.

To make matters worse, Odur is also the first real boss you face in Thymesia. Which means that you won’t have many talents unlocked at this point in the game either. That being said, he’s not invincible and can certainly be defeated so long as you stay aggressive.

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Being that he has two phases, we’ve laid out how to beat Odur the Ringmaster in Thymesia during both phases of the battle.

Phase One

Phase one is the far easier phase and you can actually beat him quite easily if you can catch him off-guard. The best way to do this is by immediately sprinting towards him at the start of the fight and unleashing a flurry of sword strikes. The goal is to overwhelm Odur before he has time to counter.

Upon your fifth hit, Odur will parry by either jumping back or spinning on the spot to wind up for a kick. If he goes in for a kick, way for the delay and tap parry once. If Odur leaps back, then this will indicate that he is about to use his cane sword. At which point you would need to double tap parry to block his two sword swings as he dashes towards you.

In phase one, these are the only two moves you will need to worry about. Which makes him much easier to predict and subsequently defeat. Regardless of which move he uses, you will need to immediately start striking him again with your sword. By repeating this process, Odur’s health will eventually diminish and you will move onto phase two.

Phase Two

Odur’s second phase is very similar to the first, albeit significantly harder. While he will still attempt to utilize fast and unpredictable movements he will also have a new move on the back of each one of his combos. His super attack is also completely unblockable and can kill you on impact. That being said, the general approach is the same in phase two; stay aggressive and stagger him as much as possible.

In phase two, Odur will begin to incorporate a few extra attacks but the main thing to watch out for is his green line attack and his red line unblockable. The green line attack comes after two thrown lines of cards. Essentially, Odur will jump backwards and throw waves of cards at you before the green line attack. To counter this, you should dodge forwards through the two card lines and then throw a feather to interrupt the attack.

As for the unblockable red attack, the best thing to do is immediately break lock on Odur and sprint away from him to get out of his range of fire. Once he puts his sword away, you can then go in and unleash a flurry of sword strikes once more. Keep in mind that his basic attack combos turn him invisible and will see him dash sideways before then coming directly at you. However, he is still vulnerable to damage in this state, meaning you can finish him during his dodge sequences.

The best way to counter all of his maneuvers in phase two is by repeating the same process from phase one and parrying his attacks. Before Odur unleashes his additional counter moves, he will pause briefly following his first swing before the final two hits. This means that you can parry all three, then chase him as he leaps back and use a claw strike to overwhelm him.

With each phase of the battle with Odur the Ringmaster, the best thing you can do is learn his timings and deflect as much as possible. His counters are fairly easy to read but devastating if you allow them to land. Picking your spots and dodging his counters will eventually tire him out and get him stuck in a loop.

That’s everything you need to know about how to beat Odur the Ringmaster in Thymesia. If you’re interested in more content, be sure to check out our guides section here at Gamer Journalist. Where you can find information like how to install Spider-Man Stan Lee mods or how to join and win a Versus Battle in Fortnite.

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