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How to Beat and Capture Dreadwolf Boss in Octopath Traveler 2

a wild Dreadwolf has appeared!
Dreadwolf boss in octopath traveler II
Image Via Square Enix

The Dreadwolf is a boss in Octopath Traveler II recurring from the first Octopath Traveler. This time around he seems a bit bigger and badder. You will likely be at a very high level when you come across the beast just like in the first game. However, its stats are not the same as before so you’ll need a slightly different strategy, especially if you want to capture it. Here’s how to beat and capture the Deardwolf boss in Octopath Traveler II.

How to Beat the Dreadwolf

The Dreadwolf has a huge 9 SP and its weakness is Spear, Axe, Crossbow, Fire, and Wind. It will likely summon two War Wolves early on in the fight. Focus on getting the War Wolves first as you always want to take out the smaller weaker enemies first so you don’t have to deal with more multiple attacks than you have to. The War Wolves are also weak to Fire and Crossbow attacks, so use attacks that will cover all your enemies at once.

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A good team set would be Scholar, Cleric, and Apothecary jobs. Be sure to double up on these with the characters you’ve chosen to be the best ones to use for each job. Don’t be afraid to use a lot of the cleric buffs and debuffs to make attacking the Dreadwolf easier.

This is the shortest and most immediate strategy to implement. Use fire attacks the most and definitely have at least 2 scholar jobs and one if not two clerics.

How to Capture Dreadwolf

Like any beast creature, you can capture the Dreadwolf. However, as a boss creature, the difficulty level is extremely high. Your success rate of capturing any beast is determined by your Hunter Ochette’s level as well as how weakened the beast creature is. The lover health a creature has, the better chance. It is also a very good idea not to try and capture until you’ve knocked the Dreadwolf unconscious, depleting it of its SP.

This will likely be your best opportunity to capture the Dreadwolf but it is still not 100% guaranteed. There is also a chance of killing the Dreadwolf if you attack it too much, so you might want to keep analyzing its stats to get its Health as low as possible. Capturing is still very difficult but as long as you meet these two key approaches you should have a better chance than any other.

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