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How to Beat All Bosses in Bramble: The Mountain King

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Sometimes the only real way to make a statement to the King is to leave a trail of bodies behind you. That is exactly what little Olle did. In this Nordic tale, Olle searches for his lost sister, Lillemor, venturing into the darkness and encountering all types of creatures that lie within. The world outside of the comfort of your home is an unforgiving place and Olle would learn this at an incredibly young age. In Bramble: The Mountain King, Olle becomes the hero that the land needs and all to save his loving sister. For those looking for guidance on how to complete this game, this is Vincent’s guide on how to defeat every Bramble: The Mountain King Boss.

Tips on How to Defeat or Evade Every Bramble: The Mountain King Boss

The Butcher

The first Bramble: The Mountain King Boss you will face is the Butcher. This Troll enjoys taunting and playing with his food, so the main goal is to evade this beast for as long as possible until you get an opening to throw food at him. The Butcher is incredibly slow in his move set, with three main moves he will use. These are: a big and slow swing with the cleaver, a large slam down with the cleaver to bring in the food from above and a fist that will shake the entire table top. So in order to evade the Butchers moves, you should always be moving. You can easily predict where the cleaver is going to swing down so we recommend hovering around the central part of the table and moving out wide when the Butcher swings down. When you see him use his fist, be sure to time the jump for when his fist is about to hit the table.

When the food lands, use your left bumper to pick up the gunk and aim for his eyes to blind him. You will need to do this a total of 3 times to complete this Boss Fight.

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The second Bramble: The Mountain King Boss has by far the best entrance scene, being a creepier Pied Piper that awaits your arrival to sweep you up from his swamp. His primary weapon of choice is the Fiddle however, the Boss fight begins as soon as you jump onto the first lily pad. Näcken will begin chasing you and throwing his hand down on the lily pads you are jumping off of, because of this, you need to stay ahead of him so that you do not get hit. There are multiple routes available, but do not attempt to jump a larger gap than Olle is used to otherwise you will have to restart the chase sequence.

You will end up in mud where due to the slowness you can assume that Näcken will not be able to catch up to you so just keep pressing on and be sure to never stop to get a proper glance at him. The real Boss Fight begins once you reach the top of the rocks. Näcken is now set up on a rock, using the melody of the Fiddle as a weapon that will blow Olle away with a single hit. The goal is to get to the far-right of the screen by utilizing all of the cover available. Things get a bit tough once rolling rocks come into play where you will need to use these as cover as they roll down the hill. You have approximately 5 seconds to get to cover between every attack. When the rock is rolling off the ledge after the gap that you must jump, you can either time your move with the rock falling or go straight after to jump to the wooden branch as cover.

From here, wait for the attack and then hug the wall before the first rock falls from above, you need to get ahead before the second rock drops. After a bit of platforming the Boss Fight ends with Näcken falling from the waterfall and landing back first onto the rocks below.


The next Bramble: The Mountain King Boss introduces the real power of the Light. Here, you will be standing completely still where you can only rotate 360 degrees. The Swamp Maiden will lure you in by showing the baby in its cot floating in the water. You need to completely ignore this as it is to trick you into thinking she will appear here. Instead, pan slowly around from the cots location to find the ripples of water where the Kärrhäxan is moving to strike. If you pan too fast you will miss her moving, but too slow and she will strike. So you need a good balance of checking the whole area through a sweeping motion. When the Kärrhäxan attacks, you will hear the audio cue however if you are facing away from her you will likely not have enough time to respond.

Therefore, the focus is on locating her ripples in the water a couple of seconds after she plants the baby cot. When she shows herself, wait for the circle icon to appear so that you can use the Light against her. You need to hit her a total of 3 times to defeat this Boss.


This Bramble Boss is definitely the hardest to face due to the multiple waves that you need to get through. In fact, when I played this, I missed a key part of the Boss Fight due to being confused by the change in waves. The first wave of the Battle is to to the left or right, circling around Skogsrået and using the trees as cover. Keep in mind the audio cues that she uses before she attacks as this will tell you what the move is before it arrives. It helped me massively in my run rather than waiting to see what she does. The two moves she uses here is a homing missile of blood and a blood tsunami. Both require you to stand behind a tree to avoid. Of course, you can avoid the tsunami by jumping but for this wave, it is best to use the trees as cover.

The goal in the first wave is to use the Light on the corpses that are against the trees closest to Skogsrået but facing you. Her third move comes into play after you bring down multiple sources of her power. This move brings puddles of blood that will turn into spikes. Keep moving when you hear this attack being announced and just jump if you happen to be in a puddle at the beginning of the move. You need to avoid the puddles of blood altogether so that you do not get hit. You need to take out 6 bodies and then hit the Skogsrået with your Light.

After you hit the Skogsrået with your sword following the onscreen prompt, the next wave will begin. In this wave, you need to take out 6 corpses again but they are located much higher up and facing the Boss herself. Her moves now switch to this tornado that obstructs your vision, this attack are red dots that follow you and will explode after a short period of time. Be sure to be running in one direction and weaving in and out to avoid the light. The other move is the puddle of blood that have spikes. After taking out the corpses, hitting the Skogsrået with the Light and attacking her again with the sword, the final wave will begin.

In the last wave of this Boss Fight you need to avoid her main move of sending down beams of light that will explode. Be sure to look around you and avoid the beams. Use gaps whenever you can to attack the floating 8 corpses that surround her. She will also use a combination of the beams and the tornado move on you, but so long as you are moving you will be perfectly safe. This Bramble Boss Fight ends with multiple strikes to the head, the making of a true psychopath.


This Bramble: The Mountain King Boss has the most unique Boss Fight in the game. Pesta attacks Olle inside his mind, dragging him away from reality and eating him from the inside to out. This is another Boss Fight that has waves so players need to take note of Pesta’s placement in the darkness so that you can use the Light against his eyes to temporarily stun him. The goal is to get back to the boat that can be seen far away in the darkness, similar to a mirage. The main moves Pesta will use in the first round is a hoard of rats in which you need to weave in between them to get past. Next, Pesta will use a stake and bring it towards you, you need to line Olle up with the gap in the stake to avoid the strike. His final move in this round is multiple mirages of Pesta appearing in a line in front of you, you need to target the Pesta that has beams of light emitting from his face.

Keep in mind that you can only attack Pesta once a move has been done and after he moves over to the side to reveal his eye to you. So wait patiently before you attack otherwise you can miss your chance. Always move forward so that you can get back to the boat faster. Once you return, keep heading towards the Bramble Mountain where Pesta will take you once more. In this round, he will use the same moves, with a couple of changes and extra attacks added. The stack can appear upside down so you need to line up the gap and jump this time. Next, Pesta will actually appear below you, attempting to eat you. You have a second to react in which we recommend you jump to the left and continue running forward.

In the final round, it is a combination of everything you have previously seen but some moves are tougher than before. When Pesta appears as a mirage in large quantities, remember to look for the real one via the beams of light that is drawing away from his face. After defeating this Bramble Boss for the third time, Pesta will vanish after getting his power drained by failing to consume Olle in the darkness.

The Mountain King

The final Bramble Boss is the Mountain King himself, King Nils. Here you will have to face the music and take Nils on in multiple waves. The goal here is to take out the blooming flowers that appear all across his shoulders. In the first wave, you need to avoid two moves, these are: the knife pointing out towards the camera in a fast action and the fork slamming into the ground. Both moves follow your movement so be sure to always move and only stop to attack as soon as Nils uses one of his moves. The next waves, things get a bit more intense as his incredibly clean spectre is brought out.

In the second wave, you will need to avoid the spectre’s swing, refer to the shadow on where it will land. Rocks are brought down from the spectre which can also kill you so keep your eye on all shadows that appear around you. The next move is his sword sweeping the arena, taking out the rocks and Olle if you are not careful. Be sure to time your jump when the sword is roughly halfway on the arena platform. We highly recommend that you attack the flowers after Nils uses his sword attack.

In the final wave, Nils uses the same moves however everything is much faster, more rocks fall with the swing of the spectre and sometimes he will throw both spectre and sword together to create an earthquake on the platform, you need to jump to avoid the damage. After taking out all of the flowers, the final Bramble: The Mountain King Boss Fight will come to its close.

That was our full guide on how to defeat every Bramble: The Mountain King Boss. We hope you enjoyed this read and that it was helpful to your success on this game. For more Horror Game guides and content, be sure to check out Gamer Journalist’s related if you are interested in seeing more from us.

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