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Bramble: The Mountain King – Story and Ending Explained

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You awake from nightmares in the comfort of your own bed. Although you are used to being afraid at night as the monsters lurk inside your dreams, everything is made okay again when you awake to the sound of your sister singing. But when your sister is nowhere to be seen, the harsh reality sets in that what you dreamt of that night may come true. You follow your sister’s path, in hopes that she can comfort you once again, but as the monsters lie in wait, the time comes for you to face the nightmares yourself. Bramble: The Mountain King follows the tale of a young boy, Olle embarking on a terrifying adventure of Nordic lands in hopes of finding his sister, Lillemor once more. This is Vincent’s guide on the Bramble: The Mountain King ending.

The Story of Bramble: The Mountain King

You play as Olle, following your sister’s footsteps as she mysteriously vanishes from the warmth of your home. The goal throughout is to locate Lillemor, but as the dangers of the land increase in numbers and strength, your only hope is to fight back against the darkness. Bramble follows Nordic tales, with western audiences being used to dealing with Gnomes, Trolls, Giants and Zombies? Olle must travel far to reach his sister, whose fate we learn of as we progress throughout the story. Something is guiding Olle towards Lillemor. Perhaps it is a beacon of light or a sliver of hope, Olle continues his adventure that can easily end in both children being lost forever in the beautiful but unforgiving forests.

The Curse of the Land

There are multiple bosses you will need to either evade or fight head-on as you traverse across the lands, all with a single goal in mind; find Lillemor. But as you wander deeper into the darkness, you learn that the light in your life is not only your sister, but Light itself which can strengthen Olle and give him a fighting chance against the Nordic creatures. Bramble is not just about locating Lillemor however, you learn that there is a dark force that controls the land, spewing out its poison and corrupting everything good in the world. This dark Witch Magic, originally offered as a source of health for the King Nils and Prince Ulrik. As the Prince fell ill, King Nils searched across the lands, pillaging villages in hopes of finding a cure that could save his son. When he find a Witch who offers a powerful Flower and instructs him to only use one petal to save Ulrik, the Prince dies to a blade as an act of revenge against the King’s actions.

Now that the King has lost everything – his Queen, his son, all hope is lost and he refers to the Flower once more, to grant him powers to destroy all who disobey him. The Witch shut the King and his Kingdom inside a Bramble Mountain, where he will live the rest of his days alone, starving for a hunger that can never be filled and a heart that can never be full again.

The Ending of Bramble: The Mountain King Explained

Throughout your playthrough as Olle, you will eventually find the Bramble Mountain itself. Turns out that Lillemor was kidnapped by a Giant who is delivering food directly to King Nil’s door. Being only a step behind from the kidnapper, Olle finally makes it to the Bramble Mountain and heads inside. Within the Kingdom’s walls, he wanders into the Castle grounds where he finds Prince Ulrik’s uniform. Putting this on ends up being the best decision little Olle has ever made. Because as he enters the Throne Room to see King Nils on his throne, Lillemor is fighting for survival inside the cloth sack that she was captured in. But Olle is too late, his dear sister is eaten in one gulp by Nils.

Saving Lillemor from King Nils’ Grasp

When King Nils sees Olle, the final battle ensues with the most appropriate Boss Fight music playing in the background (In the Hall of the Mountain King – Grieg). Olle evades the King’s attacks long enough to destroy the Flower Buds that provide the King with the curse’s strength. In the final moment, King Nils is reminded of his son, Ulrik by Olle’s clothes and his natural strength to survive. King Nils reveals the source of the curse below, the white Flower with a black bloom. With his final act of strength, he strikes his rusted sword into the Flower’s core, ending the curse once and for all. As the King stands to retrieve his crown for the last time, he falls, defeated and all life that was previously in him provided by the Flower, is taken away. Olle throws the Light that protected him all this time into the King’s mouth and hope that it gets to Lillemor in time.

The Beautiful End to a Dark Tale

The fall from the King’s beard however kills Olle, the fall damage being too much for him. Lillemor makes her escape out of the King’s stomach as the Light turns into a sword for the final time. As Lillemor mourns her brother’s death, Tuva, the Witch who gave Olle the power of Light, gives him life once more. The Light enters Olle’s body, reviving him, now being part Light himself. As the walls of the Bramble Mountain collapse, Olle’s friend Lemus would return to his aid for the third time in the game to protect the siblings from the falling bramble.

The narration from the beginning of the game plays again, this time from Lillemor’s perspective. She searches for Olle who is nowhere to be seen. But as she looks out the window in wonder, she knows now that nothing in the darkness could scare her so long as she has her brother.

That was GJ’s explanation of the story in Bramble: The Mountain King. We hope you enjoyed this read. For other guides and content, be that Horror Games or Indie, take a look at our related over at Gamer Journalist if you are interested in seeing more from us. Thank you for reading!

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