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How to Be Exiled as Royalty in Bitlife

How to be Exiled as Royalty in BitLife

In 1814, after a particularly disastrous military campaign in Russia, French leader Napoleon Bonaparte was forced to abdicate his throne and live in exile on the island of Elba. He made it back to France, retook control, got his butt kicked at the Battle of Waterloo in 1815, and got himself exiled again to the island of Saint Helena. It is in reference to these events that BitLife has named its achievement for getting exiled as royalty “Napoleon.” If you want to earn that achievement for yourself and get a taste of the disgraced life, then here’s how to be exiled as Royalty in BitLife.

Obviously, before you can be exiled as royalty, you have to be royalty. This can come about from birth if you’re lucky enough to be born into a royal family, made easier by starting in a country that has a royal family, or in adulthood by marrying into a royal family, though that can only happen if you’re sufficiently famous. Once you’re in a position of power, you need to make yourself look completely and utterly incompetent in order to make the populace loathe you enough that they’d rather set you adrift than deal with you.

How to be Exiled as Royalty in BitLife

To be exiled as royalty in BitLife

  1. Become a royal either by birth or marriage
  2. Commit multiple public disservices and infamous actions to lower your royal respect bar
  3. When the bar empties, you will be exiled

In order to get yourself exiled, you need to completely drain out your royal respect meter, which represents how much your subjects respect you. The important distinction here is that you just need to look stupid and corrupt, and not be a complete monster. Simply executing your subjects at random, while horrible, won’t actually drain your bar much.

Instead, you need to commit public disservices, accessed through the royal tab. Going all Marie Antoinette in there will really get under your subjects’ skins. If you’re already famous, you can also commit infamous actions through your activities tab such as posing nude for magazines or getting into celebrity feuds. Basically, just do all of the most obviously terrible and idiotic stuff you can think of.

Once the respect bar hits zero, you will immediately be exiled from your country and stripped of most of your assets. Though even without most of your assets, you’ll probably still make off with a few million dollars, so it’s not all bad.

The task outlined above is also a requirement for the King to Kingpin Challenge.

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