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How To Avoid The Level 2 Monster, Smiler, and Other Creatures in Escape the Backrooms

Escape the Backrooms freaks us all the way out!
Backrooms is scary AF
image via Steam

The need to avoid the monsters in Escape the Backroom is the name of the game. You flee from utterly insane creatures, but all are kind of cool in different ways. There are a total of six monsters, and each can be approached (or run away from) differently. That very mechanic keeps the game fresh and makes the player extra anxious, because no matter how good you do, you know it only gest harder and scarier the deeper you go. The key to properly escaping the backrooms comes from knowing your enemies, just like real life

Luckily for you, we love horror games around here. So we dived into Escape the Backrooms with our adults diapers on and our heads held high. Then we proceeded to shriek like school children’s for the next 20 minutes or so. These are the monsters to avoid, and how to avoid them.

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How To Avoid Monsters in Escape the Backrooms

Bacteria – Constantly using Q and E, look at corners you feel like monster is there. It’s tense but you adapt pretty quickly.

Smiler – Run towards and to a room with light (if they didn’t massacre you yet). The tension is high here but just ‘go towards the light” like this is Poltergeist!

Level 2 Monster (Pipe Dreams) – After you get out of pitch dark area, you will receive infinite stamina. So dash like hell when you see rainbow light and get your butt into that room. Dash man, DASH!

Partygoer – You need to crouch in the corners and check where the entity is looking, then avoid being seen by it. But use to your advantage the fact they won’t move or rotate. Again, anxiety inducing but doable!

Poolroms – It’s simple, just don’t go to the area with dark piles. Kinda like real life!

The End Black Entity – this one is actually kind of tough. Do your best to hug the wall and remember, you can walk and not crouch when monster is away from you. But do not sprint. If the monster is approaching you, crouch and start going either left or right. But NEVER SPRINT!

See, Easy Breezy!

See, despite how freakish some of these abominations are, as long as you follow this guide on how to avoid monsters in Escape the Backrooms, we will see you at the exit. We’ll be the screaming weirdos in adult diapers.

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