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How to Avoid the Ink Demon in Bendy and the Dark Revival

That Demon looks awfully familiar
Image via Joey Drew Studios

Join Audrey Drew in her journey wading through the inky blackness of the ink machine. Consumed by the ink, Audrey’s biological body becomes something of both flesh and ink. Accompanied by allies, aiding her in her escape, find out who the Ink Demon is, stop Wilson Arch and evade the hostile Entities of the ink machine. The Ink Demon is here, hunting you from Chapter One‘s conclusion of Bendy and the Dark Revival. Here is our guide on how to evade the Ink Demon in Chapter Two: The Demon’s Domain.

Chapter Two: The Demon’s Domain

Objective: Find the Pictures

In this beginning part of Chapter Two, our objective is to Search Animation Alley for Pictures and give them back to the Lost One. You need to do this quest to get to the next portion of the game. Here there are a total of 5 pictures to find. As you are looking for these pictures the Ink Demon will be on your tail. You cannot see him during his patrol of the area, instead you will get a visual warning of the screen turning black and white and the words ‘The Ink Demon is Coming. Hide’ will appear at the bottom of the screen.

What you need to do here is hide in spots such as lockers and open crates. You can also go into the vent systems so long as they are nearby. For this quest you will want to spend the majority of the time inside the vents as they are the closest hiding spot. The Ink Demon cannot catch you in the vents. After your first interaction with the Ink Demon which is a cutscene, the Ink Demon will spawn in if you take too long to hide. You have approximately 5 seconds to hide before the Ink Demon jumps out and one-hits you.

You need to break the vent covers with the Gent Pipe in order to use them. The vents are key to completing this quest. When facing the Ink Demon your only option is to hide. Do not attempt to run for the Ink Demon will never chase you but will teleport onto you if you are out in the open for too long.

Artist’s Rest

Image via Joey Drew Studios

Objective: Find the Hoist Key

Upon gaining access into the Lost and Found corridor via the Blanket and Hot Coffee shop, where players must find the Crane Keys inside the Lost and Found Office. The Ink Demon will appear once more after grabbing the Hoist Key on the Key Station. To get into the Lost and Found Office, players need to use their Flow ability in the gap in the wired window. When walking back to the main area, the Ink Demon will appear in front of Audrey once more, consuming a Lost One. He will chase you, at a moderately slow pace so do not panic. Run to the back of the corridor and use your Flow ability to get back into the Lost and Found Office.

Important note, you only have one real chance to get back into the Office with your Flow ability due to its long cooldown duration. So, take your time to line up your cursor so that it is pointing directly at the gap in the wall and use your ability to jump through. If you fail the Ink Demon will catch you. Thankfully, the game autosaved after you collected the Hoist Key. The easiest way to jump through is to walk right up to the gap in the window and then use Flow. Because the Ink Demon is slow, you will have more than enough time to get to this window.

Objective: Find a New Way to the Elevators

After successfully evading the Ink Demon, he will begin to spawn in the Artist’s Rest area. Now players will have to deal with him, the Lost Ones and Striker who jumps down from the ceiling. Players need to keep moving in this area, sneaking up on Lost Ones to banish them and hide in lockers and crates when the Ink Demon makes his presence known. As you move around this area the Ink Demon may appear, remember that you have approximately 5 seconds to hide before he finds you. Some hiding spots in Artist’s Rest are:

  • In the side area opposite the side door of the Blankets and Hot Coffee stand. You will find two lockers against the wall. You can hide in the right one. This area also links to the archway underneath the stairs so players have no route options to get to this locker should the Ink Demon announce himself.
  • Under the staircase of the main room, there is a locker before going through the archway into the Lost and Found corridor.

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