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All Endings and How to Unlock Them in Bendy and the Dark Revival

Was it all an illusion?
Image via Joey Drew Studios

The sequel to the weirdly wonderful but terrifying Bendy Universe, Bendy and the Dark Revival released November 15th, 2022. With 5 full chapters and 5 Bosses to beat as a its full game release, the Dark Revival is an exciting continuation of the Bendy Universe, following the footsteps of Joey Drew’s daughter, Audrey. Trapped inside the Ink Machine, she finds allies in her adventure, and learns ways to evade or fight the hostile Ink Entities inside. Bendy and the Dark Revival has three endings: Secret, Insane and True. Here is how to unlock every Dark Revival ending.


AFK Ending

Perhaps the easiest ending you can get in a Horror game ever. This Dark Revival ending can be achieved at within the first 30 seconds of the game. After watching a cutscene with Audrey, working on her animation at the desk, our obvious plan of action is to get up and look for coffee. Instead of standing up from the desk, wait and do not press anything. After 20 minutes pass, Audrey will skip the coffee and continue work. The AFK Ending will be achieved, and the credits will roll. Audrey avoids the horrors of the Ink Machine and continues pulling an all-nighter on her work.

For this ending, we recommend putting on a timer for 15-20 minutes and leaving Audrey at her desk, without pressing the button to stand up. This will not work if you exit the desk screen.

Insane Ending

To obtain the Insane Ending, players must collect the ‘Illusion of Living’ Books. There is a total of 24 to collect. After collecting all ‘Illusion of Living’ books, do not enter the Laboratory in Chapter 5. Players should backtrack instead, going down the corridor with flashing lights in the walls and heading up the stairs. At the top of the first staircase players will find a chair, facing a wall with the flashing lights. Sit on the chair and do not move. The screen will go to black, and players will see Audrey in solitary confinement, strapped in a straitjacket. You can move Audrey around in this room but only through rag-doll animation. Audrey can roll around the room as the credits roll down the screen. This is the Insane Dark Revival Ending.

Players can backtrack to the beginning of the game via the Subway Train after speaking to Alice and then Betty. A train will appear after waiting for 30 seconds. This is crucial to picking up the Illusion of Living Books that you would have missed due to cutscenes or not having your abilities at the time of looking for them.

Illusion of Living Book Locations:

  1. Welcome Home Room – Inside the broken pipe.
  2. Heavenly Toys Room – Go to the upper level, head down the stairs in the East Wing, break the barrel in the corner.
  3. Factory Access – Above the room with the sign on the desk ‘HE SEES EVERYTHING’. Go right and drop down so you are now behind the main room. Use your jump ability to get through the gap in the wire fence on your left, and into the hole in the wall above the Factory Access room.
  4. Animation Alley corridor- Wade through the ink (where you would have seen a cutscene) and pick up the book on the couch.
  5. Elevator next to Animation Alley Room – Jump across the large hole in the floor to get to the other side. Find the book in the Elevator.
  6. Vent inside Animation Alley Room – Book is on top of the crate as you exit the vents.
  7. Projector Puzzle Room – In the room with the three projectors, book is found inside the cabinets in the corner of the room.
  8. Locker Room – Found in the third locker in the wall of lockers on the right-hand side of the room.
  9. Artist’s Rest Main Area – Find the side room highlighted by the lights around the archway. There are 5 lockers lined on the left wall. Open the fifth locker to find the book.
  10. Artist’s Rest Exit – In the locker beside the Studio Tour Wall Audio Log.
  11. Widows Chamber – Go into the corridor with a turbine at the end. Turn right and break the barrel in the corner, a book can be found hidden in there.
  12. Sewer Entrance – In the room, on the bookcase, next to the Angel Alice cardboard cut-out.
  13. Sewers – In the cabin with a memo on the bed. There is a bookshelf above the bed with an Illusion of Living book on the left-side.
  14. City Entrance – In the subway, on the bench on the right-side of the station. You can only get this one after completing Chapter 5.
  15. City Hotel – At the hotel front desk, use your jump abilities to get to the upper level next to the front desk (look for the giant arrow). Use your jump ability again at the corner of the room to get to the next level. Open the Safe & Sound with a Gent Card to obtain the book.
  16. Old Studio – Go to the worktable in the back-right corner of the room. Crouch under the worktable, the book is in the left corner.
  17. Gent Workshop Entrance – Go behind the front desk in the room (on your right). On the bookcase, at the edge of the front desk is another book for you to pick up.
  18. Gent Workshop – Next to the table beside the Research corridor. The table has the word ‘Contraband’ above it. Look behind the white barrel to the right of the table.
  19. Subway Track 8 – There are 3 lockers here, you can find a book in the second locker, at the bottom.
  20. Retreat Library – After entering the library, turn left immediately. Look at the bookcase on the left wall. The book is on the bottom shelf of the bookcase, made clear by the black cover against the many white books on the shelf.
  21. Alice Angel Room – On the bookcase below where Alice Angel would be standing in the Boss fight. The book is on shelf underneath the bookcase.
  22. North Wing Library – In the room that would typically be locked and require the Gent Pipe to open. This library has an Illusions of Living Book on the chest of drawers in the next room over. There are 2 plants at either side of the chest of drawers and a candlestick on top. The drawers are very well lit.
  23. South Wing Laboratory Entrance – Go down the stairs until you reach a tipped over barrel with multi-coloured liquid pouring out of it. The book is behind the tipped over barrel.
  24. Laboratory – Do not go into the Lab. Open the 2 lockers in the room you are standing in, opposite the glass. The book is in the right locker.

True Ending

In the True Dark Revival Ending, play the game as you normally would. Finish the last section of Chapter 5 where the Ink Demon and Audrey have combined into one Ink Entity. Place ‘The End’ tape into the Projector in the final room. Watch the cutscene of Audrey’s past, inheriting the animated work of the Bendy Universe from her father, Joey Drew. Witness the two worlds colliding of the real world and the ink world. Not consumed by the Ink Demon but made anew as the result of living in the Machine.

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