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How to Access Farm in Like a Dragon: Ishin

Welcome to the Farming Dimension.
like a dragon ishin harvest
Image via Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio/Sega

Longtime Yakuza/Like a Dragon fans have joked that some of the series’ major side activities feel like they take place in a parallel dimension due to how disconnected they are from the overall stories. If this is the case, then the farm in Like a Dragon: Ishin must take place in the Farming Dimension, a lovely and homey place to visit. Here’s how to access the farm in Like a Dragon: Ishin.

How to Access Farm in Like a Dragon: Ishin

The farm in Like a Dragon: Ishin is part of a side mode titled “Another Life,” in which Ryoma helps a young girl named Haruka manage her farmstead and the debt it’s incurred. There are lots of activities in this mode, from cultivating crops to cooking meals and caring for local animals. Much like the other major side modes in this series, you’ll know full well when it’s time for it.

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During Chapter 3 of the main story, Ryoma is conscripted by a local priest to visit Haruka’s farm and check on her, and effectively gets roped into helping out. As it’s part of the main story, you’ll be presented with it outright, so you don’t need to worry about missing it like some of the smaller mini-games.

Farm Location

like a dragon ishin fish
Image via Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio/Sega

After you leave Haruka’s farm, and by extension Another Life mode, the regular story will resume. However, whenever you have free rein of the map, you can return to the farm to engage in its activities.

To return to the farm, just return to the hotel Ryoma is staying at, Teradaya. Near Teradaya is a small dock, where you can find a ferryman who will take you to and from Haruka’s farm at no charge. Whenever you’re done at the farm, just leave the way you came to return to Teradaya and the main story.

Remember, what happens in the Farming Dimension stays in the Farming Dimension. Barring some good moneymaking opportunities, nothing that happens on the farm affects the main story, so feel free to drop by if you ever need a consequence-free change of scenery.

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