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How Many Pokémon Can You Have at One Time in Scarlet and Violet?

Gotta catch 'em all! But can you?
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“Gotta catch ’em all”. That’s a phrase that has resonated all over us Pokémon fans since the inception of the series. In part, thanks to that legendary music theme for the anime’s first season. Oh man, the feels. Anyway, have you thought about if you are actually able to catch ’em all or not? Well, the Pokémon series usually gives us players the ability to catch ’em all thanks to the ability to store those Pokémon in a virtual way on Poké computers. Now that the new Pokémon games have arrived, here is how many Pokémon can you have at one time in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

How Many Pokémon Can You Have at One Time

Firstly, if you are referring to how much Pokémon you can have at one time referring to your battle team, you are limited to use only six Pokémon at a time. Now, probably most of you are referring to the amount of Pokémon you can have in total in your collection. Well, once you unlock the ability to see your PC box, which unlocks automatically when you get the ability to catch Pokémon, you will see that you have 8 boxes in total, with 32 spaces each for your Pokémon to be stored in.

Now, that sounds like a lot for a casual gamer, but for hardcore collectors, this is barely bread crumbs. If you are part of the hardcore Pokémon collectors, don’t rage-quit yet. You will just need to occupy at least one spot of each box with a Pokémon in order to double the amount of boxes. You can do this twice, for a total of 32 boxes. This sums up to a total of 960 Pokémon that you can have at one time (with the new configuration having 30 spots per box).

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So, if you are looking to create a live Pokédex, don’t worry. Thanks to the storage capabilities of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, you will be able to do it. And yes, go ahead and catch ’em all kid, you deserve it.

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