How Many Attribute Points can You Get in Cyberpunk 2077?

To be a merc in Cyberpunk 2077’s Night City, you need to be a well-rounded person. Nobody’s interested in hiring someone who’s only good at one thing; you need to be good at like, three things at the minimum. But in order to be good at things, you need experience, and there’s only so much of that to go around. Here’s how many attribute points you can get in Cyberpunk 2077.

A Lesson in Life I am Sure I’ll Get.

Your character’s stats are divided up into five different attributes. These attributes are as follows:

  • Body: How hard you can hit, how hard you can get hit, and how much hitting you can do.
  • Reflexes: How quickly you move, how deftly you swing a blade, and how well you handle a gun.
  • Technical Ability: Your skill with tech-based weapons, how well you handle machinery, and your crafting skills.
  • Intelligence: You netrunning skill, including using Quickhacks and Breach Protocol.
  • Cool: Your stealth skills, your critical damage, and certain circumstantial damage resistances.

Every time you level up, you receive one Attribute Point that can be allocated toward one of these categories. Raising an attribute level offers flat bonuses, like more health for Body or higher cyberdeck RAM capacity for intelligence. Increasing an Attribute’s level also increases the number of Perks you can access on that Attribute’s menu. 

Certain interactions also require sufficient Attribute levels. For example, you may need high enough Intelligence to equip cyberware to your brain, you need high Body to force a door open, you need high Intelligence to hack certain devices, and so on. 

How Many Attribute Points Can You Get in Cyberpunk 2077?

Every Attribute has a level cap of 20, and it is more than possible to focus on one and max it out. However, because your character has a hard level cap of 50, you can only gain 50 Attribute points in total for the whole game. This means you can only completely max out two of your Attributes, while the rest will just have to fight over the remaining 10 points. If you plan on maxing out an Attribute, make sure it’s for a playstyle you’re good at, because Attribute points are spent, you can’t get them back.