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How Long Does the Penalty for Leaving a Guardian Raid Last in Lost Ark?

Abandon the raid, pay the price.
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Most, if not all online games take multiplayer etiquette very seriously. When you’re playing on a team with other people, there needs to be some kind of insurance that you won’t just flake out when things get tough. In Lost Ark, this takes the form of a particular penalty that occurs when abandoning a Guardian Raid. So, how long does the penalty for leaving a Guardian Raid last in Lost Ark?

How Long Does the Penalty for Leaving a Guardian Raid Last in Lost Ark?

In Lost Ark, you have the ability to leave any active Guardian Raid by using the Song of Escape or just closing the game. However, if you do this, you’re inflicted with a penalty that prevents you from joining any new Guardian Raids for a set period. This is to discourage you from joining and leaving Raids at random.

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When you’re inflicted with the Guardian Raid leaving penalty, you won’t be able to join another Guardian Raid for ten minutes. Note that you will be penalized for abandoning the Raid no matter how long you were participating in it, whether you joined and immediately left, or stayed until it was almost over. This also applies even if you join a Raid by yourself. If you start a Raid party and leave it, even if nobody else is present, you will still be penalized.

Lost Ark
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The only way to exit out of a Guardian Raid without being penalized is to use the Raid Stopped button. This button is available on the top-left of your screen while a Raid is running, though it won’t appear until you’ve been in a Raid for at least three minutes. If you press the Raid Stopped button to end a Raid prematurely, you will not be penalized and can join another Raid immediately.

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