Ancheladus Lost Ark World Boss Strategy, Loot & Location Guide
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Ancheladus Lost Ark World Boss Strategy, Loot & Location Guide

Some expert advice on Ancheladus.
Lost Ark
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Lost Ark is popular for its World boss fights and it’s one aspect of the game that players wait for the most. After spending time in hunting, crafting, etc., boss fights is probably the best source for adrenaline rush in the game. The fights also offer reagents, success chance items and gear resources.

If you want to learn more about Ancheladus and desire to promote your tier, you are in the right place. Here is everything you need to know about defeating Ancheladus, loot, and its location.

Ancheladus Lost Ark World Boss Strategy, Loot & Location


You can easily spot Ancheladus at the top area of Red Moonshade, a region in Feiton. To track the boss, you will need to check the calendar in-game. Click on the date and go to the ‘Field Boss’ tab. This will help you get spawn times of all Field Bosses on your server. However, if you are in Feiton, you can go to Red Moonshade and observe the spawn time countdown of the boss.

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Boss Strategy

While Ancheladus sounds scary, beating him is not a very complicated task in Lost Ark. Players just need to keep a note of few things. He spawns Bloody Moon Shards on the north, east, south, and west directions relative to his position. Players need to destroy these Shards first to expose Ancheladus. He will probably change position suddenly. This should indicate the right moment to attack. Save your damage increase bonuses for this moment and use it at one go.

A few other mechanics which Ancheladus features are:

  • Wide slam – Ancheladus will slam a wide area. It’s best to avoid this attack or dodge it at the right moment.
  • Rupture – Ancheladus will make a 360-degree ring around himself surrounded by rock spikes. He will then channel a spell and unleash the spikes. It’s best to move at a safe distance before the explosion.
  • Expanding Rings – The boss will invoke rings of rocks splattering at players. These rings will expand and give rise to more rings from the center. We recommend dodging these rings, but keep in mind that it’s tricky to get around them.
  • Suckerpunch – Ancheladus will create red circles on the ground, which burst to spawn small golems who will try to hit you.
  • Mid-range ring – Similar to Rupture, but a little shorter. This one is easier to dodge and ranged characters can dodge it effortlessly.


One of the best reasons to fight Ancheladus or any Field Boss is the resources it offers in Lost Ark. Defeating him counts as completion of the Feiton page of the Adventurer’s Tome. You will also get several items and engravings. Here is everything you can get after defeating the boss.

  • Eel Caviar
  • Damaged light chain
  • Damaged light earrings
  • Damaged light ring
  • Damaged shade earrings
  • Damaged shadow ring
  • Level 1 Azure Gem
  • Level 1 Farsea Gem
  • Destruction stone
  • protection stone
  • Moon’s Breath (bound)
  • Relic Ability Stone (legendary)
  • Bleeding Epic Rune
  • Rare Quality Battle Engraving Recipe
  • Epic Quality Battle Engraving Recipe
  • XP card

That’s all the information you need to go up against Ancheladus in Lost Ark.

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