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How Scope Glint Works in Warzone

How scope glint works is a commonly asked question in Call of Duty Warzone. The gist of it is that aiming down sights with powerful optics creates scope glint. This bright reflection gives away your position to any enemies looking in your direction.

Spotting people can be difficult, so this is a way for snipers not to have an unfair advantage in the massive Verdansk map. Here’s how scope glint works in Warzone.

How Scope Glint Works in Warzone

You probably have a basic understanding of scope glint by now, so let’s take a look at which scopes glint in Warzone. Any optic with more than a 4x zoom, such as sniper scopes, glint. 

  • Thermal Sniper Scope
  • Variable Zoom Scope
  • Sniper Scope

If you go into the gunsmith and browse through the optics, you can see red text that alerts you if a weapon has scope glint. Look for the red text that says “Optic glint visible to enemies” at the bottom of each optic description. Optic glint means enemies will see it when you look in their direction.

How Scope Glint Works in Warzone

Scope glint functions as a cone from the player with scope. Anyone outside of a ten-degree angle from the player with the optic will not see glint. Here is an image to help visualize how it works.

Referring to the image above, anyone outside of the blue area will not see the reflected light. Understanding this can be useful because you know approximately where an enemy is from the glint. If you see it, the enemy is likely aiming at you or very nearby. 

The glint cone naturally widens with distance, so if the player is far away, there is a larger possible area for their location. Another thing to note is that there is no distance limit. You will see the light from anywhere on the map, even from the other side of the map. Scope glint also shows up through glass windows, both from inside and out. 

Now that you understand how scope glint works in Warzone, you may want to rethink your optic choice for sniper rifles in Warzone. Overall, this mechanic is interesting because it balances sniper rifles. Snipers can opt to use a scope without glint, but the visibility tradeoff is something to consider.

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