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How Does Rank Work in Warhaven? All Ranks and Ranking System, Explained

When it comes to ranking system, team is not very relevant.
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Teaming up with friends, fighting against other groups, and competing for the best possible ranking are the things that make playing Warhaven very interesting. In this article, we discover how the ranking system works and which parameters bring you and your team a better ranking.

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Ranking Up in Warhaven

There isn’t any official info about it, but according to players of the game and Reddit users, rank adjustment and placement occur after a certain amount of wins or losses. To be precise, ranking reveal happens after a streak of 3 wins or 10 losses/draws.

Once a player either wins 3 matches or loses 10, Warhaven reveals their ranking. Players can see their ranking by clicking the Check Rank button at the bottom of the rank summary.

For higher rankings, there are rewards that await all players. Rewards for higher ranks can be applied as emblems on certain character outfits. If you expand the rank structure from mode details, it will show you which stickers you get for each rank.

Personal Score Matters

Warhaven calculates players’ rank by applying a combination of the ratio of the number of wins and losses and individual performance scores, regardless of the outcome of the game. Some users say that individual performance is the biggest factor in this combination and that killstreaks and completing the main objective bring the most points.

As for the negative points, they are awarded, among other things, in relation to the number of times a player is killed during one game, but also some other factors. It also takes into account the choice of character, weapon, mode, and fighting style…

Certain players shared their experience with the Warhaven ranking system, saying that they noticed drastic changes in their scores when they were focused on getting higher personal scores and killing as many enemies as possible. They also expect players to start paying more attention to tactics as the ranking system evolves.

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