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Dark and Darker: Best Classes – Tier List

The best classes in Dark and Darker ranked!

Dark and Darker is still in beta, but the game is growing in popularity amongst the gaming community incredibly quickly. This dungeon-crawler RPG game puts you in the shoes of a treasure hunter in search of glory, wealth and fun times. In this game, you are able to either travel through the dungeons alone, or team up with other players to battle anything in your way. There are plenty of monsters lurking around each and every corner, as well as dangerous traps and perhaps even other treasure hunters looking to steal your prize!

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There are so many different builds you can create in this game that many players will debate for hours over the pros and cons of their preferred classes and gear loadouts. However, there can only be one class that wins the title of best in the game. In this tier list, we rank the strongest classes in Dark and Darker, but feel free to decide for yourself which you like best as well.

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The Best Classes Around – Dark and Darker Class Tier List

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Players are given a lot of variety when it comes to picking a class that they want to play as in Dark and Darker. However, some are better than others, even though it is alright to prefer – and even do better as – a certain class. Without further ado, here are the best classes in Dark and Darker.

#1: The Cleric

This all-around warrior is able to do many things that the other classes can’t. If you need a healer, the Cleric is your man. If you’re looking to resurrect someone, you’ll want to get a Cleric on the job. These fighters are great at buffing other classes as well, making them a strong choice for those playing in a team. However, we would not recommend you choose the Cleric if you’re competing alone!

#2: The Fighter

This class is without a doubt the easiest one to learn how to play, but that does not mean it’s the weakest by any means. Great for newer players to pick up on the fly, the Fighter can use a wide variety of weapons to aid them in battle. Additionally, they are a melee class who is very comfortable at getting up close and personal with other combatants on the field, making them great for those who like to charge in.

#3: The Barbarian

Speaking of aggressive players, the Barbarian is perfectly suited to anyone who likes to smash through enemy lines and take out many opponents with one brutal swing. Dealing high damage with every strike, the Barbarian can quickly become a fearsome foe for anyone unfortunate enough to be on the opposite side of their blade. When paired with a Cleric, the Barbarian class is lethal on the battlefield against almost anyone else.

#4: The Ranger

Despite a recent nerf to the Ranger relating to its projectile falloff, this class is still extremely versatile and can be a strong asset to have on your team. Capable of dealing high damage from a distance, and with a limitless supply of ammo, Rangers can be the difference between winning and losing a fight in Dark and Darker. As with the Cleric, this class is not recommended to be played alone.

#5: The Rogue

If you love playing the sneaky, assassin-like type in RPG games, the Rogue will match your playstyle perfectly. Adept at backstabbing and hiding in the shadows, this secretive class much prefers to ambush an enemy rather than charge them head-on. Although Rogues are more meant to be played alone, they can do well if a team’s composition is diverse enough and built to cater towards their strengths.

#6: The Wizard

This class ranks last due to its exceptionally steep learning curve. The Wizard has the potential to destroy your enemies, or accidentally burn yourself and your teammates to a crisp. Therefore, it is only recommended that veteran players on your team use this class, due to its potential for mass destruction. However, when in the right hands the Wizard can absolutely dominate in battle, so do not underestimate an enemy team with a Wizard.

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