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How Do You Use Health Juice in Super Animal Royale? Answered

One of the most important items in Super Animal Royale, is the Health Juice.

We explain how to use Health Juices and what they are.

SAR Health Items List
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Almost every Battle Royale game these days has its own unique way of healing a player, bringing them back to full stats in a matter of moments. Pixile Studios’ Super Animal Royale is no exception to that rule and has various different ways of healing yourself, with the most effective being the drinkable Health Juice. Today we answer; how do you use Health Juice in Super Animal Royale?

Our list is going to explain how each Health Juice works, where to find it, and most importantly, how to use it. This guide will ensure that you know exactly what you need the next time you land in a Super Animal Royale match.

How Do You Use Health Juice in Super Animal Royale?

SAR Drink Page Details
Image via Pixile Studios/Fandom

Here are the different sizes that the Health Juices come in.

  • Small Can – 10 HP
  • Medium Bottle – 20 HP
  • Large Mug – 40 HP

It goes without saying that the large mug is going to be the best one to pick up, but there’s another aspect you’re going to want to take into consideration. The max Health Juice that you can carry on you at any given time is 200 HP worth.

As you pick up any of these sizes of Juice, they’ll be added to your carrying amount until you reach that max. It’s also important to note that every player spawns in with 25 already in that amount. Every Super Animal has a max health of 100 HP so it’s possible that you’ll always have more than enough to heal you entirely if you play strategically.

When it comes to finding them, you’ll want to cut tall grass, break crates, or find them strewn about the floor across the map. All you have to do to collect these is to walk over them. If you have space, then they’ll automatically be added to your count.

Something that can also be picked up to aid you with Health Juice is the Cupgrade which allows a user to heal themselves 25% faster than if they didn’t have it at all. This makes tense combat moments easier when you have one of these picked up. They too can be found just about anywhere on the map.

When it comes time to actually slurp down a Health Juice, your controls may very. Xbox controls mark the Y button as your healing prompt, PlayStation’s is the Triangle, Nintendo Switch is X, and Keyboard/Mouse is the Q key. Drinking these can take a few seconds to do. As it goes, a player is granted 4.75 HP for every 0.5 seconds of drinking time. It helps to be mindful if enemies are lurking as you do because they can hear you using it and the process makes you vulnerable.

That’s how to use a Health Juice in Super Animal Royale. Following this guide should make it a bit easier to understand how to use this health option and how it’s broken down. There’s a lot that goes into this Battle Royale title, and it can be a daunting task to figure out things on your own.

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