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Where is the Secret Lab in Super Animal Royale?

Where is the Secret Lab in Super Animal Royale?

Part of the fun of Battle Royale games, aside from the whole “there can be only one” Highlander thing, is exploring the space available to you. Any developer of a Battle Royale game knows that in addition to making for a good battlefield, their map needs to be packed with all manner of secrets and goodies. The devs of Super Animal Royale sure know that, which is why they’ve included plenty of secret locales in their map. Speaking of which, where is the Secret Lab in Super Animal Royale?

For one of the Story Milestones in Super Animal Royale, you’ll need to uncover the location of the Secret Lab of Dr. Dogna. If you can make this happen, not only will you accomplish the milestone, you’ll also get a free scientist getup you can equip on your animal in the cosmetics menu. Now, if I were a secret lab, where would I be… ah, yes! Under a pyramid!

Where is the Secret Lab in Super Animal Royale?

The Super Pyramid is located in map block C4. You’ll know it when you see it, it’s pretty hard to miss a giant pyramid in the middle of a desert. The entrance to the pyramid is wide open, but the secret lab is hidden behind a switch puzzle. To open the door, you’ll need to activate several pressure plates and levers in a particular order. Try to get this done right at the start of the match, as it’ll be a lot harder to do if someone else is in the pyramid shooting at you.

First, step on a pressure plate located in the bottom left room. This’ll open up a long hallway, at the end of which is another pressure plate. Stepping on that one will open up a small room containing a sarcophagus in the northern part of the pyramid, right next to where you exit out of the hidden hallway. Interact with the sarcophagus to reveal a lever, and give it a pull. 

The wall at the end of the passage will open up, revealing Dr. Dogna’s secret lab. Have a quick chat with her to complete the Story Milestone, and confirm the achievement in the milestone tab. Make sure to finish the match properly, either by winning or losing; if you just quit out of the game, you won’t unlock the lab coat.

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