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Grand Piece Online Update 4: Second Sea

Grand Piece Online Update 4

Grand Piece Online update 4 (Second Sea) releases on September 12, 2021, at 8:30 PM EST. GPO is the most popular One Piece-inspired Roblox anime game in the catalog, with over one hundred million visits, and nearly half a million favorites, not to mention its overwhelmingly positive reviews. Today marks Grand PIece Online update 4, which is a massive update bringing six new islands, new bosses and minibosses, and dozens of new items including the Kraken Core, which is the rarest obtainable item in the game.

You can find the full list of Grand Piece Online Update 4 patch notes and the update log down below. It details all of the new islands, fighting styles, enemies, items, artifacts, and four new fruits.

Make sure to check our Grand Piece Online codes page for new in-game rewards and freebies.

Grand Piece Online Update 4 Update Log and Patch Notes

  • New level cap: 325 > 425
  • New bounty cap: 50,000 > 75,000


  • Alabasta
    • Pharaoh’s castle
    • City of Vedas
    • City of Zaro
    • City of Sol
    • Karoo race hub
  • Rovo Island
  • Spirit Island
  • Reverse Mountain
  • Sashi island
  • Colosseum of Arc

Farewell easter event…


  • 2SS
    • Unique way to learn compared to all the other fighting styles (must master 1SS first)
    • Restricted to 2SS unless switch style (can’t equip any swords)


  • Kraken (order form common to most rare)
    • Red  (MOST COMMON)
    • Gold
    • Green
    • Blue
    • Purple
    • Azure (RAREST)
    • Crab King Cho
    • And baby crab O_o
  • Pharaoh Akshan
  • Musashi


  • Kraken Armor Set (CHROMA)
  • Kraken Blade (CHROMA)
  • Kraken Cape (CHROMA)
  • Kraken Katana (CHROMA)
  • Kraken Core (rarest OBTAINABLE ITEM ingame)
  • Musashi’s Crimson Katana (you have chances to get this item)
  • Musashi’s Rose Katana (you have 5 chances to get this item)
  • Musashi’s Hat (you have chances to get this item)
  • Musashi’s Karuta (you have chances to get this item)
  • Pharaoh Aksha’s Cape
  • Golden Hook
  • Crab Cutlass
  • Cho’s crown
  • World Scroll
  • Book of Spirit (have manga omg)
  • Book of Nitoryu (have manga omg)
  • Ruin Mask
  • Riding Mohican
  • Horned Pilot
  • Karoo food
  • Kingdom Guard Outfit


  • Seer of Zaro
  • Cup of Vedas
  • Heart of Sol


  • Suna (LEGENDARY)
  • Gomu (RARE)
    • The different gears will come in future as evolutions for gomu
  • Kilo (COMMON)
  • Spin (COMMON)



  • Magma hound reverted back to block break


  • Rokuogan bypass logia
  • Can no longer use skills mid soru
  • Geppo takes 2% max stamina (applies to black leg as well)  


  • Changed jewels of light initial stamina cost 100>50
  • Light ray now slows the caster


  • Nerfed the stun on lightning paralyzation


  • Raised the damage cap on regular m1 punches 20>45


  • Lowered the stamina drain on mode by 5x


  • Buffed electro fist duration 10>30
  • The effect also now transfers to equipped weapons
  • Raiju punishment bypasses logia


  • Shark necklace stamina regen nerf 2 > 1


  • Nerfed sword damage scaling for buso
  • It was an actual bug since update 0, the buso damage calculation was done 2 times for swords
  • Global dmg nerf on all barrage skills and they take % stamina when your holding
  • Barrages were too op so needed to nerf
  • Increased the cooldowns for dungeon bosses


  • Improved loading screen
  • Improved npc intelligence for blocking
    • Learned how to block ults similar to pika/magu
    • Learned how to block barrage skills similar to rapid slashes
    • Learned block light ray
  • 9 new pants (customization)
  • 10 new shirts (customization)
  • Revamped a few hit effects
  • New moon texture (old one was cut off at edge)
  • Added test dummies to colosseums (only available in private servers)
  • Spawns in with pvp pad command
  • Revamped sounds:
    • Rokuogan
    • Rankyaku
    • Tekkai
    • Jewels of light
    • Magma Rain
    • Dai enkai
    • Firefly (improved visuals)
    • Hiken
    • Soru
    • Geppo
    • New sound effects for rokushiki skills
  • Rokuogan
  • Rankyaku
  • Tekkai


  • Karoo Mount
  • Karoo racing minigame
    • Includes rewards/EXP if you win the race
    • If your feeling lucky there’s a 1/1000 chance of getting a devil fruit form winning o-O
  • There will be npcs ingame to hint how to get certain things
  • Haki v2
    • Time duration is doubled after fully trained (~= 2-3 mins)
    • Colors are random (can be customized in robux shop)
    • Hint hint krakens
  • Added 2x logia indicator to bottom right of screen
  • While in combat stamina regen is reduced by 50%
  • Leveling up is now faster
  • Cities in the desert kingdom have roaming npc
  • Offers cargo delivery quest        
  • Gives decent amount of exp per delivery (should be faster than bandit beater)
  • Deliver coffee to citizens across cities
  • New map for arena 2v2/1v1
    • Spirit island
    • Colosseum of Arc
    • New hairs 133-140
  • Nerfed passive stamina regen and stamina gained per level (because stamina started to become a useless stat)
  • Fixed the delay on the smash skill for elo hammer
  • Fixed crews (maybe)
  • Fixed a lot of cheese methods in arena
  • Drag&Tsuki
  • New custom grip animations (more will come in future including ones for devil fruits)
    • 2SS
    • 1SS
    • Neptune’s Trident
    • Black Leg
    • Elo’s Sledgehammer
    • Kraken Blade
    • Santa Bells
    • Flower Bouquet
    • Crab Cutlass
    • Bisento
    • Candy Cane
    • Golden Staff
    • Golden Hook
    • Electro
    • Fishman Karate
    • Rokushiki
    • Gravity Blade
    • Kiribachi

The first-ever Halloween event is also confirmed for GPO along with other content that couldn’t fit into update 4, HOPEFULLY released by mid-end october.

Source via GPO Discord.

That’s everything for GPO Update 4! Stay tuned for more Roblox announcements, guides, and walkthroughs!

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