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How to Get Money Fast in Forza Horizon 5

How to Get Money Fast in Forza Horizon 5

Drag racing movies have led me to believe that driving a really fancy car really fast is one of the most profitable ventures in the world. I don’t know if street racing is as profitable as that in real life (or as prevalent, for that matter), but at least in the realm of fiction, you can make mad stacks with nothing but a steering wheel in your hands. The same is true in Forza Horizon 5 for the most part, though paradoxically, the best way to make money requires possibly the least fancy car in the game. Here’s how to get money fast in Forza Horizon 5.

There’s a particular vehicle in Forza Horizon 5 that the eagle eyed have determined to be a secret goldmine. That vehicle is the 1940s Willys MB Jeep, a bare-bones off-roader with a military package that nobody would be caught dead racing in the streets. Due to a particular quirk in Car Masteries, this clunker can open the door to both stacks of cash and rarer vehicles.

How to Get Money Fast in Forza Horizon 5

To get money fast in Forza Horizon 5, follow these steps:

  1. Use any car to farm Skill Points
  2. Purchase the Willys Jeep from the Autoshow for 40,000 CR
  3. Spend Skill Points to level up the Jeep’s Car Mastery until you earn a Super Wheelspin
  4. Buy another Willys and repeat

Forza Horizon 5 has a sort of gacha system known as Super Wheelspin. When you take a turn on the Super Wheelspin, you win three prizes at once, which can include rare cars and lump cash payouts. You can earn turns on the Super Wheelspin by leveling up a vehicle’s Car Mastery, and as it so happens, unlocking a Super Wheelspin token on the Willys’ Car Mastery only costs a handful of Skill Points.

All you have to do is farm up some Skill Points with any other vehicle, buy a Willys from the Autoshow for 40,000 CR, then spend those Skill Points on the Willys’ Mastery to earn a free go on the Super Wheelspin. One spin can net you well over 100,000 CR if you’re lucky, earning you back your investment in the Willys and then some. 

After you’re done with your spin, buy another Willys from the Autoshow and repeat the process. As long as you’ve got the skill points, you can keep buying Willyses and earning Super Wheelspins from them. As for what to do with them afterwards, I dunno, gift them to a rando online or something.

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