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Fortnite World Cup Finals Duos Results

The Fortnite World Cup Finals Duos competition has finally come to an end, and one duo reigns supreme. Congratulations to Nyhrox and Aqua for taking it home and winning a massive $3,000,000 prize for the #1 spot.

Below is a full list of Fortnite World Cup Finals Duos Results. It was a close battle but Nyhrox and Aqua pulled ahead with a total of 51 points, followed by Rojo and Wolfiez in second place with 47 points, and Elevate and Ceice in third place with 45 points.

Overall it was an extremely close six matches with some epic battles and amazing plays by all players. This prize pool is one of the largest in eSports history and is without a doubt a life changing amount of money.

Fortnite World Cup Finals Duos Results #1 – 10

Fortnite World Cup Finals Duos Results#11 – 20

Stay tuned tomorrow for the solo main event when another champion will be crowned.

This concludes the Duos Finals of the Fornite World Cup, and we are now patiently awaiting the Solo Finals that is set to start at 1:00 PM EST this Sunday, July 28th. Again, first place will get $3,000,000 but they will not need to split the prize money with a partner.

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