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What is a Whiplash in Fortnite?

What is a Whiplash in Fortnite

Creating a fast car isn’t just about having the biggest, strongest motor. You could put a monster truck motor on a Lamborghini, but it wouldn’t be able to go that fast because the weight would be completely out of whack. A truly fast car strikes the perfect balance between strength, weight, and design, which is why only a car like the Victory Motors Whiplash can reach the peak of speed. Here’s how to reach 88 MPH in a Whiplash in Fortnite.

What is a Whiplash?

If you’re wondering “what is a Whiplash in Fortnite,” allow me to enlighten you: late last year, in the middle of season 6, as part of the “Joy Ride” patch, drivable vehicles were added to Fortnite. One of these vehicles was the Victory Motors Whiplash, a perfectly angled specimen of a muscle car capable of doing insane speeds on the right terrain. If you can obtain a Whiplash and get it on said terrain, you can easily push 88 miles per hour. Don’t expect to travel through time, though; surprisingly, Back to the Future is one of the few things Fortnite hasn’t crossed over with yet.

How to Reach 88 MPH in a Whiplash in Fortnite

To get your butt in a Whiplash, you’ll first need to track one down. Like all other cars, their spawns are randomized, but there are good places to check. You have a solid chance of stumbling upon a Whiplash on Believer Beach and the Corny Complex (formerly Sweaty Sands and Stark Industries, respectively). Once you find a Whiplash, you don’t need a key or anything; just park your rear in that seat and open her up.

To reach 88 miles per hour, you need to find a relatively straight line of paved road. Don’t bother trying to do this on grass, dirt, or other uneven terrain; the Whiplash ain’t built for offroad driving. Once you’ve got your straightaway, just floor the pedal and turn on the turbo, and you’ll hit (and more than likely exceed) 88 miles per hour in a matter of moments. 

One word of advice: the Whiplash doesn’t have the best gas mileage. If your tank isn’t completely full, make sure to top it off at a gas station before trying to do 88. There’s nothing lamer than trying to break a land speed record and running out of gas.

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