Fortnite “Waiting in Queue” Explained

Fortnite "Waiting in Queue" Explained

Fortnite players looking to get into the game over the holidays may be in for some disappointment as Epic Games is experiencing server congestion issues. Many Fortnite players are seeing a “Waiting in Queue” message with a countdown, and here’s an explanation of what that means and what you need to know.

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Fortnite “Waiting in Queue” Explained

Players who launch Fortnite during this time are met with a “Waiting in Queue” message. The queue can range from anywhere up to over ten minutes and jump around sporadically. 

Another message may pop up when the queue is over, saying, “Unable to Login to Fortnite Servers. Please try again later.” These messages are because there are various issues on Fortnite, including login, matchmaking, party, and more.

You can check the official Epic Games Status page to see specific Fortnite errors and check if there are major outages to any of the services. These issues can prevent players from logging into the game or may even prevent players from launching Fortnite from the Epic Games client. 

Alternatively, you can also check the @FortniteStatus Twitter account. This is an official account managed by the Epic Games staff meant to inform players of any ongoing Fortnite issues. 

There is a major outage at the time of writing, so there is nothing that can be done to skip the queue or force a connection to the server. In this case, all players will need to wait for Epic Games’ technical team to address the problem and stabilize the servers. 

With many people free from work and school over the holidays, there is no doubt a huge influx of players attempting to load into Fortnite. These big numbers can cause server congestion and stability problems. Players will need to practice patience and wait for Epic Games to iron out the issues.

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