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Fortnite Travis Scott Skin Leaked

Popular rapper and producer Travis Scott is reportedly getting his own Fortnite skin, according to some leaked information discovered by a data miner. We have a look at what the upcoming skin might look like.

During the peak of Ninja’s Fortnite success in 2018, Travis Scott dropped in alongside him and Drake. Since that time, Fortnite has evolved in a major way in regards to new skins and cosmetics. Ninja has an in-game skin of himself, and it looks like Travis Scott will be next.

Lucas7yoshi on Twitter is the data miner who originally posted about the Travis Scott skin back in February.

Yesterday, another miner named HYPEX posted a preview of what the Travis Scott Fortnite skin might look like. The post says he is not 100% sure this will be the new skin as he is still confirming his source.

Many Fortnite and Travis Scott fans were questioning if this is legit or not, but as of right now there has been no official word by Epic Games on the matter.

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