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Fortnite Swimming Signs Locations

Fortnite has introduced some new challenges into the game, one of which is to swim at different ‘no swimming’ signs around the map. Seems like a dangerous task if you ask me, but Fortnite players will have to do what they have to do in order to unlock those sweet skins.

Fortnite Swimming Signs Locations

You will only need to pick two of the locations shown in the map above and swim at those in order to complete the challenge. These also do not need to be completed in the same match, so feel free to take your time and not go out of your way too much for this one.

The signs look exactly how they are pictured in the image at the top of this article, and all you need to do is find them at one of the four locations: west of Sweaty Sands, East of Slurpy Swamp, a bit southeast of the center of the map, and the very southeast of the map.

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