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Fortnite: How to get the Street Shadows Challenge Pack

Fortnite: Street Shadows Challenge Pack

Who doesn’t love some free Fortnite skins? Well, starting today, players have an opportunity to pick up a free skins pack as long as they can complete various challenges. You may miss this one if you’re not looking for it in the in-game item shop, so we’re here to walk you through the process. Here’s how to get the limited-time Street Shadows Challenge Pack in Fortnite.

The Street Shadows Challenge Pack is available in Fortnite until June 17 at 8 PM ET, so you have some time to claim it and complete the challenges. It’s an easy one to miss, though, so keep that in mind and follow our guide if you need some help.

How to get the Street Shadows Challenge Pack in Fortnite

To get the Street Shadows Challenge Pack in Fortnite, you will need to claim the pack and then complete the following challenges:

  • Play 5 matches with friends: Street Shadows Back Bling
  • Outlasts 500 opponents: Street Shadows Glider
  • Deal Damage to 1000 opponents: Street Shadows Pickaxe
  • Complete the previous three challenges: Street Shadows Ruby Skin

Please note that you will need to “buy” the pack first, which you can find in the item shop under the Limited-Time section. It doesn’t cost anything, and it’s like claiming a free game from the Epic Store. After you claim the pack, the quests will show up in your quests tab like any other task.

Overall, the challenge is not too bad, but it will require you to compete in many matches. We recommend playing some regular games solo to outlasts 500 opponents. After that, hop into a Team Rumble with some friends to knock out the remaining two. Dealing damage to 1,000 opponents will likely take a while, so playing a few Team Rumble games is a good option for this one. 

For more information on the Street Shadows Challenge Pack, check the Epic Games Store post here.

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