Fortnite Snowflake Decoration Locations

Winterfest is live in Fortnite and today’s challenge asks players to destroy a bunch of snowflake decorations. After visiting the Winterfest Cabin and opening your present you will see today’s challenge. Many free new skins have been up for grabs these holidays.

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Fortnite Snowflake Decoration Locations

The place with the most snowflake decorations is located inside of Pleasant Park. A yellow colored house located on the west side of Pleasant Park has many snowflake decorations on the windows.

To complete this challenge you can hop down into Pleasant Park from the Battle Bus and head to the yellow house. If possible, land on the house and try and snag a weapon before anyone else so you can protect yourself and finish the challenge.

Destroy three of these snowflake decorations as fast as you can. Watch your back because there will likely be other people in the area looking to complete the same challenge.

After three snowflake decorations have been destroyed, make sure to play out the match as usual. Leaving the match prematurely will cause you to have to complete the challenge all over again. Good luck out there!

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